Every problem has a solution

When Marisol and her two cousins Sandra and Vanessa go to London to celebrate their victory on graduating from school ,they meet the idols of their life and become more that just friends but along the way there's some problems with fame hate and pressure. Will Zayn Harry and Niall prove to them that every problem has a solution? Or will one or two or all three of them break?


16. A triple date

Chapter 16
Niall's P.O.V
The lads came over for some brotherly moment. We turn the tv on and watch a random football game just then my phone rings and its Marisol I stay seated and answer. 
Me: hey babe
Marisol: hi babe
Me: so what's up
Marisol: um nothing much Sandra Vanessa and I left early we had a um problem
Me: what happened?
Marisol: um some pap got in the way
Me: shit babe I'm sorry
Marisol: no done worry
Me: no babe I am really sorry
Marisol: don't worry it's not your fault don't worry about it and anyway I just wanted to let you know that since we had that problem I'm free 
Me: oh that's great but I'm with the lad- (I look at Zayn and Harry who are cutting me off)
Me: you know what we should all go out Vanessa Zayn Sandra Harry me and you. 
Marisol: yes I would love that and I'm sure so will Sandra and Vanessa 
Me: yeah I know a great indoor racing place do you wanna do that
Marisol: oh my god yes I would love that ill get the girls ready
Me: yeah then we'll picks you guys up in a bit 
Marisol: yeah just call me okay
Me: okay bye then 
Marisol: k bye
I hang up and tell the guys what were doing and get ready. 

Marisol's P.O.V
As soon as I hanged up I let Vanessa and Sandra know what's going on. We don't really do much to get ready. We keep the same clothes on. 
"Where we going again?" Vanessa asks. 
"We're going indoor racing" I respond.
"This is going to be fun" Sandra adds. 
"Yeah do you think the pap are down there" Vanessa asks. 
"Yeah there down there" She says. Just then there's a knock on the door. 
"It's probably the boys" Sandra runs to the door and gets it. 
"SANDRA SANDRA CAN YOU CONFIRM YOUR DATING HARRY AND WHAT ABOUT YOUR COUSINS!" Some paparazzi says. Sandra quickly shuts the door. 
"You got to be fucking be kidding me" she says. There's more knocks after that. 
"Ugh these bitches" Vanessa goes to the door and opens it. "Fuck of!" she exclaims. We all look at the door and see the boys confused faces. "I'm so sorry I thought you were the paparazzi they kept coming up here and knocking sorry" the boys chuckle smile and walk in. 
"Oh it's  okay we saw one about to knock and we told him to fuck of" Zayn says while kissing Vanessa on the lips then hugging I turn to Sandra who's hugs Harry first and then they kiss. 
"Hi babe you look nice" Niall walks toward me. I stand up and hug him. Then when I turn up his lips and mine meet. 
"Hi and thank you" I replay. 
"So you ready to go?"Zayn asks. We all head towards the door Niall and I last. He holds my hand and stops me. 
"Babe just ignore them what ever you say they'll turn it into shit okay" he kisses me forehead.
"Okay" I say he holds my hand and we catch up to the rest. 

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