Every problem has a solution

When Marisol and her two cousins Sandra and Vanessa go to London to celebrate their victory on graduating from school ,they meet the idols of their life and become more that just friends but along the way there's some problems with fame hate and pressure. Will Zayn Harry and Niall prove to them that every problem has a solution? Or will one or two or all three of them break?


1. A dream turned into reality

Chapter 1
I follow my mom  towards the kitchen.
"Ama pliz Sandra and Vanessa are going" I replay. She ignores me "You promised I could go if I had the money got accepted to a collage and finished the year with good grades mom" she stops for a moment. 
"Go ask your dad" she says not making eye contact. 
"I already did he said I could go if you let me" I respond. She takes a while and thinks. 
"For how long?" She asks. 
"For the summer but if time is a problem I can fix that" I say. She looks down at the table and thinks. 
"Okay you could go" the words come out of her mouth. 
"Oh my god thanks so so so much I love mom!" I say as I run up to her and hug her.  She smiles and I let go of her. I walk towards the door and grab my keys. 
"I'll call you" I say as I walk out the door. I open the door of my car and drive to the apartment. I can't believe my dream is about to become reality.  The ride home is quick. I get to the  apartment. 
"I'm going to London!" I yell as I enter the apartment which I share with my two cousins Sandra and Vanessa. 
"You better not be playing around" Sandra says. 
"No she let me" I respond 
"Hell yeah we're going to London" Vanessa says. 
"Okay now that we're going Marisol you need to pack and who's going to take care of blaze" Sandra asks. Blaze is my white blue eyed Husky.
"Um I asked Jorge and he said he can and Luis and Cristobal love him so it shouldn't be a problem" I say
"Okay then go pack we leave Friday" Vanessa says.  I run to my room and start to pack my clothes in one of my suit case. The girls soon enter my room along with their dogs. Honey Sandra's Golden Retriever and Meeko and Vanessa German Shepherd along with Blaze. They help me pack my things and then we eat dinner. I've been living with Vanessa and Sandra for a year now and it's always been our dream to go to London. Specially because of our One Direction fantasy. I've got to say we are pretty obsessed or dedicated. When we seem to be hungry I make some pasta and we sit down to eat. 
"Shit!" Sandra says as she stands up looking at her phone. 
"What?" I ask. 
"There going to be in London" she says. Me and Vanessa look at each other. 
"Shut up" Vanessa says. 
"Now for a break going back home to do some chiling tweeted by Harry" she reads of her phone. 
"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" I stand up and start to scream. 
"OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE AWSOME" Vanessa adds. We run and jump up and down all over the place till we calm down. When we are calmed down we clean the table up and head to bed. I put my pjs on.  
"Blaze lets go to bed" I open the room door and let Blaze in. He gets comfortable on the mat in front of the bed. 
"Goodnight!" I hear Sandra yell. 
Goodnight!" Me and Vanessa yell back. I close my eyes and go to sleep. 

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