Are We Enemies, Or Is It Love?

Are they enemies, or are they in denial? Liam and Faith have never really liked each other, constantly bringing the other down. Everyone has their suspicions about them, not believing that they hate each other, but that they are secretly in love. The repetitive accusations bring one thing into their minds, "Are we enemies, or is it love?"
Okay, so this is the Movella for the winner of my 'Mumbles' competition. I know this description sucks, but it is better! I will start this as soon as she gives me her information. (Okay that sounded creepy...) Thanks for reading! <3 xx


1. Coming Soon

So I had a competition in my 'Mumbles' and this is for the winner, her name is Faith! As soon as I receive information, I will begin this! Let me know if you're interested in this and wanna read it! I also need 2 people to be her bestfriends! So the first 2 people to tell me about you, get the spots! So remember, the first 2 people ONLY! I may have contests later on, but as for now, just this. If you would like the spot, I need to know this:



What you look like

Where you're from

Where you and Faith met/ where you will meet

THAT IS ALL!!! I love you, my Lilies! <3 xx


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