about my experiences with bullying.


1. Leave

I walk down the hallway

always afraid

will someone hurt me?

tomorrow or today?


No one knows my story

they know what others say

but maybe if they listened

my problems would go away


I get shouted at by curse words

I get pushed down by arms

cant you see what you are doing?

you are leaving permanet scars


im sorry if im not perfect

and that i never will never be

but that gives you no right

to bully me


you think its all fun and games

you thinks its "cool"

but my friend this is not a game of chess

and your acually looking like a fool


you think its fun

you think this is probably lame

but what if the tables were turned

would you feel the same way?


i cant force you to stop

even though i would like to

but all im asking you is to be nice

or is that to much to handle for you


I dont why you hate me

i dont need to know why

but just leave me alone

and stop with all the lies




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