Love Matters

This is some older writing I wrote, it has been revised and edited. This book talks about the search for love and the expression of love for someone. I would appreciate some feedback critical or complimentary and I hope it speaks to somebody in a meaningful way.


1. The Truth in an Hourglass

Sights for sore eyes

Breaking down the shorelines

Seeing all the lines we might cross

Tying all the loose ends

Sailing off to where the skies end


In the distance a kite

Bends and turns

The night clouds bend and churn

I'm fighting the feeling as the hourglass turns upside



I came from a place that you never heard

I'm fighting the feeling

As I toss and turn

The bats in the corner

Watch me squirm

My eyes are burning

I'm concerned

The nights returning

It's absurd


I broke from the crowd

The hourglass flipped upside down

Leaving myself to find you


I came from somewhere that

You never heard about

I'm sighing at the silent clouds

Staring up then calling out

Making up

Not making out

The cliffs are looking up

I'm feeling down


I came from a place

That you never heard

I've been calling

But you haven't returned

My hearts been searching

But I'm still here

Now the hourglass is turning

And the bottem line is clear


Of all the dreams I didn't find you in

Drawing a maze

Out of all my regrets

You didn't find me

I didn't mind it

But now your singing

And only I can hear it.

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