Masked by Love

This story is about a girl, Cameron, meeting her one and only true love who just so happens to love her back! Her one love that she doesn't even know that she loves, is the one and only Niall Horan! Boy-band hottie Irish boy! Does she find her true love for him? Or does she fall for one of the other band members? Will he confess his love for her? Does he have a love for her? It's your turn to find out!


1. Birthday surprise

                    ~Cameron's POV~ 

        I was so excited for today! It was my BIRTHDAY!! It was my 16th birthday and for my birthday I had asked for not only to get my drivers license, but I also asked for not one, not two, but three VIP tickets to a ONE DIRECTION concert! See my family had just two weeks ago won the lottery! So I asked them last week for that and they said we'll see... That of course meant YES! I had told my three BFFS that I asked and they were super excited because they were going to be the ones going with me so really who wouldn't be excited?? It was only twelve P.M so I had to wait until eight tonight to open my presents. Well, the good thing was that my mom and I went to get our nails done for my birthday. So I guess that is pretty fun. After that we went to the mall shopping! That took us until three o'clock. After that my mom took me to the DMV and told me that I was going to take my driving test!! I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I climbed into the driving car and watched as the driving instructor got inside the car. This made me even more nervous then I already was. My mom was in the back of the car watching, I pulled onto the highway and watched the road. In the corner of my eye I saw the instructor write down " has good driving skill, is very concentrated and is just very mature." That made me really happy and loosen up a little bit. The the instructor told me to parallel park. Now I knew I could parallel park, I had practiced a million times before. I parallel parked it, out the car in park, turned off the engine, unbuckled, and got out. The driver told me I had passed after he wrote down a few more notes. At that point I was jumping off the walls with excitement. I walked over to the line to get my picture taken. I got my picture taken and then got my license! By four o'clock I was home. My mom let me drive home. I was so happy I told my dad and he said he had a surprise for me. He blindfolded me and took me into what I think was the garage. He took the blindfold off of me and I stood there shocked. I was standing in front of my very own red Mercedes-Benz. Did I mention it had a convertible top? I was so happy with my mom and dad they were getting me things I didn't even want for my birthday! Guess u could say I'm spoiled. I took a look at it and then I saw what the license plate said. It said "MissCammy." This made me even more ecstatic then I was. Really noting could make it better, other then the ONE DIRECTION tickets.

                ~4 and 1/2 hours later~

    It was 7:30! All of my family was at my house and I had went out with my friends for a little ride in my new car that was already registered! All of my friends and family were there and I was getting ready to open up my presents. I got many things, jewelry, clothes, and gift cards. My mom and dad said there was one more thing. They blindfolded me again. What was up with them blindfolding me? I felt something being put in my hand. The blindfold got taken off and I was now looking at an envelope. I opened it right away and pulled out 4 VIP tickets to a ONE DIRECTION CONCERT. It was in 2 weeks! I immediately thanked everyone and took a hold of my friends and told my parents that we were going for a ride. On the ride I put the top down and started screaming. My friends did too! We were so happy. We were going to meet the biggest hottest boy-band! By the time we got back to my house it was 10 P.M. My parents were asleep and so my friends and I just went into my room and went to sleep.


(Y/N) sorry this chapter is long. This is my first movella please comment how you think it is. I will post as much as I can but I have a lot of school. Please tell me what you think.





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