Forever mate

Elizabeth is like any other 17 year old werewoft.Ever since her parents die 4 years ago she been living with her pack in the pack house including her brother tyler and her mate Mason. Her life is miserable at the her house but stay that was in till she had enough and ran away after being rudely reject by her mate and replace in less than a second by her mate mason the person who suppose to love and protect her soon he regret what he done and beg for her back but it too late she move on and is with another pack. Will he get her back or will her past effect that? again from wattpad sorry for the spelling and grammar


4. runaway love

Elizabeth P.O.V


I got on the train and stare outside my window

‘‘Why is my life so mess up''

At least it wasn't like that always.

It all started when I was 10 and we were invited to a pool party and Luke and I were hanging out far away from the pool since I couldn't swim and then Ally came out of the pool and push me in I  instantly sink down and Luke jump in for me. Once I got out everyone called me names like fat ass, fatty, other ruled weight comments. I began to cry and ran up stair lock myself in a room and fell a sleep




''I love you mason can’t you just accept me''

''I can’t because I don’t want you'' and with those simple words my hear shatter into millions of pieces

'' w-what but-''

'' Elizabeth can’t you get that I never want you and never will I reject you, and I Still don’t understand why the goddess who cures me to be mate with you-

End of dream


       ’’Miss, Miss, Miss!''

''Huh?'' I say while rubbing my eyes and look at my phone it three!

How long have I been asleep?

''Where are we’’?

''Black forest I'm sorry for waking you up but I thought you prefer to be left were you want to be and not in the middle of nowhere'' she said lightly laughing

I smile and thank her and walk out the train

While walking down the street looking for a place to stay the night.

I finally found a motel there only one I guess they don't have visitor often. I walk in to a very nice redhead lady

''Hello how may I help you’’?

"Can I have a room please''

"Sure you just have to do a little paper work"

"Do I have to fill out everything?"

"Yes, why is something wrong"

“It just I ran away and I really don't want to be found''

"It alright sweetly I just pretend some work got miss place"

"Thank you so much you don't know what this mean to me"

"Don’t worry" as she handed me the key after paying

"Thanks again"

Once in my room I freshen up and then went to the dinner I saw earlier across the street

I got in and sat down and then a waitress approach me

"What would you like sweet heart"

“Can I have a Diet coke with some fries?"

"Coming right up"

 After almost eaten half my fries the door open showing a Tall man walk in probably in his earlier 20 

He sat next to me after what seem like ages of him staring at me he lean closer and whisper in my ear

“You know you trespassing right?"

“I’m sorry what?" How could he know if I was trespassing?

 ”follow me" he said as he got up and walks out the door I got up and left after paying for my food

We walk to the middle of the wood I suppose to get out of being over heard by humans

"Why are you here without telling the alpha or me?"

"I’m sorry I didn't know there was another pack here"

"Well now you have to speak to the alpha and tell him why your here"

"Ok" I said 

in less than a minute there were wolf are around me then the man I just talk to came out with a another guy I felt the power in him and instantly knew he was the alpha

“This is her" the first man said

“Why are you here “the alpha spoke?

“I ran away from home I’m so sorry I didn't know there was another pack here”

"Why" one guy asked as her came out of behind a tree shirt less with short only on

" you guy might want to take a seat’’ after telling on how my parents die and mason bulling and rejecting me for ally also about my brother they all felt what I felt

“What kind of guy rejects his mate for a slut" one said now all the guys were in human form

"Well he had practice with every girl in school he would fuck them then reject them”

"Elizabeth seem like you don’t have a pack want to join this one" the alpha said

"Hell yeah as long as I never see that dick face ever again" the they all started laughing

"Ok so this is Damon, Matt, Max, Alexander, and I’m Mark"

And with that we walk to their-I mean our pack house I can’t believe I just left a pack to join another.


Hope you like it remember



And hope it was worth the wait

- Sammy






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