Forever mate

Elizabeth is like any other 17 year old werewoft.Ever since her parents die 4 years ago she been living with her pack in the pack house including her brother tyler and her mate Mason. Her life is miserable at the her house but stay that was in till she had enough and ran away after being rudely reject by her mate and replace in less than a second by her mate mason the person who suppose to love and protect her soon he regret what he done and beg for her back but it too late she move on and is with another pack. Will he get her back or will her past effect that? again from wattpad sorry for the spelling and grammar


5. need you

Hi guys I tried to update as soon as possible so here I try to make them long so they might take longer to update hope you like it remember 




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Mason P.O.V


I never thought that rejecting someone could almost kill me. I fell like I don't want eat without her or sleep. And my wolf howls her name every night in my dreams all I want to do is hold her close and never let her go. Even when I have sex with ally instead of saying ally I say Elizabeth. Ally seem to get really annoying now because Elizabeth gone she thinks alpha female which get me and wolf angry

''The black forest pack would be coming in 8 month'' Taylor said

ever since Elizabeth left we haven't been talking or at least how we use to be like best friend now it was more like me with anyone I don't know not even me and my beta so I lost more than my mate but also my best friend

“Thank Taylor umm....." 

''good bye alpha I need to go"

“Ok Bye...” and with that he left 

“What have I done?" 

‘You rejected your mate and now you will pay for it and will regret it for everyday in till you get her of your life ends'

'Shut up'

'You and I won’t forgive you in till I have her back in my arms were she belongs' 

'I will even if it the last thing I ever do'



                            Elizabeth P.O.V


 Once I got home they show me to my room and said there 2 last members I haven't met yet walking in the kitchen I saw here she had black curly hair was cooking dinner

"You guys are back so...."

"Um hi...."

"Hi... I’m Dakota"


“You’re in the pack already"


“Well that the fastest any one has convince mark"

“I guess after I told them why I left they told me and I thought either died in the woods or live with them"

"Good choice hey wants some food'


After eating and washing the dishes I was about to help with the other cleaning when Dakota ask

"Why exactly did you leave from you know... your old pack" I sigh and told her

“Ever since my parents died I was treated like crap at school and my brother didn't even help me he was too afraid to lose his popularity. And on his eighteen birthday it hit me that he was my mate he rejected me in front of everyone" I stop for a moment when a unshed tear ran down my cheek " and said I was not worth to be his mate and he'll rather want a slut instead of his mate" with that Dakota hug me and said it be aright this has been the closer I have been with a family ever since my parents die 

“Dakota can you get my teddy bear" a voice said and turns to see a little cute 4 year old 

"Um hi"

"Hi" he said and got closer to Dakota

“Don’t worry Kyle she not going to take you away" and he simply nodded still staying behind Dakota

“Hi I’m Elizabeth"

"I’m Kyle" he said jumping out from behind Dakota

 ’’Can you read me a story’’?

'' Sure '' and I read him 3 little pigs after that I go outside were mark was training with Matt and Alexander

"Hi guys''

''Hey'' they said together 

'' can you guy help me train"

“Of course what kind of pack wouldn't train a pack member” matt said

“My old one " I mumble 

“Well we are you new one and are ten times better than them in everything" mark said

“yeah better Fighters, Protectors and most of all better looking" Damon said

“Arrogant much" I said

“Yes, very’’ he said while forming a smirk on his face

“ok A team when can I began"

“Right now if you want"

"Ok let’s start"


 I woke up that morning very sore and tired I guess they were right they are good fighters and protects. I got up and went to get a shower scrubbing off all the dirt and mud off my body and was my hair with my berry and vanilla shampoo and conditioner after an hour shower session I got a pair of under ware, bra and black skinny jeans and a tee -shirt Dakota let me borrow because today I was going to go shopping which I’m not a fan of.

Exiting my room I see a very excited Dakota" what got you so excited"

“Mark gave me his credit card and let us takes as long and much as we want"

“But were just going to buy a couple of things"

"Hell no! I wasn't allow to go shopping for 3 month that like stabbing me in the heart you going on a full shopping spree with me"

“do I have too" I whined

"Yes" she said and before I could argue I was drag out of the room and into a car






Thank for reading tell me what you think grammar errors and what you think of mason P.O.V should I do more or less and don’t forget






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