Forever mate

Elizabeth is like any other 17 year old werewoft.Ever since her parents die 4 years ago she been living with her pack in the pack house including her brother tyler and her mate Mason. Her life is miserable at the her house but stay that was in till she had enough and ran away after being rudely reject by her mate and replace in less than a second by her mate mason the person who suppose to love and protect her soon he regret what he done and beg for her back but it too late she move on and is with another pack. Will he get her back or will her past effect that? again from wattpad sorry for the spelling and grammar


2. love hurts




Here's the second chapter hope you guys understand the book so far










I walked out changed into my  P.E clothes when I bumped into someone and my Wolf said mate.




                               Mason's P.O.V




While walking to my locker I bumped into someone and felt the spark and instantly new this person was my mate.''Mate'' she whisper so I or anyone around could hear her. I didn't want a mate because I felt they would change me. If I wanted anyone to be my mate I'd want it to be Ally or another slut that wouldn't care if I would be late at night or something, but just my luck it was Elizabeth. She was shy quiet and beautiful and hot.....wait did I just think that?


'Yes you did' my Wolf said.


[a/n when the word is italic or have an apostrophe instead of quotation marks before speaking and ending 'like this' it is a conversation with his or her wolf]


'Well I didn't mean it.' 


'OH shut up! She is beautiful and all you can ask for'


"What did she say?" A guy asked interrupting my thoughts.


"I think she said he is her mate" one of the sluts said and they all instantly started laughing and so did I.


"You as my mate? I deserve someone better. You're too ugly, fat, plain and boring" I roared.


'What the fuck are you doing!' My Wolf barked sounding extremely pissed


'Shh we deserve better!'


'No she all I want. Beg for her back!'


'Fuck no!'


"but-" and she was cut off by her brother Tyler, my best friend.


"Stop just go."


"Ya, go home no one wants you here. Now move alone little bitch" Ally snared.


She stared walking to her friend, Luke I think, and he hugged her.


'No one touches my mate' my Wolf yelled.


'Well she is not ours anymore' I said trying to tell him I won, but weirdly I felt I lost, badly.


Luke looked back as if he was ready to kill me. Of course, since I was going to be alpha, he had no chance of living, but if looks could kill I would have been gone by now.












                                     Elizathbeth POV


'I can't believe he did that' my Wolf howled in pain.


Luke drove us home. Then he hugged me and comforted me till I felt a little better.


"Feel better?" He asked.


"Yeah" I said


"That's it" he said angrily while standing up. "He will die! I don't care if I'm just third in command! I still have some alpha blood and I'm using it to the last drop to kill him. No one hurts my Lizziebear!"


"Luke wait don't go."


"Don't worry I'll be back after I'm done killing someone."


"No! It's OK" I said.


"Ok, I won't kill him. He's not leaving without at least a few scratches though." Before I could say anything, he ran off.


I felt like I couldn't stand it here anymore and decided to pack, I was leaving.

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