Forever mate

Elizabeth is like any other 17 year old werewoft.Ever since her parents die 4 years ago she been living with her pack in the pack house including her brother tyler and her mate Mason. Her life is miserable at the her house but stay that was in till she had enough and ran away after being rudely reject by her mate and replace in less than a second by her mate mason the person who suppose to love and protect her soon he regret what he done and beg for her back but it too late she move on and is with another pack. Will he get her back or will her past effect that? again from wattpad sorry for the spelling and grammar


9. hellos aren't always friendly

Hi Guys here the next chapter  hope you like it remember 





''Wake up''


''wake up''

''oh my god Dakota can a girl just sleep in for once''

''not when it a Saturday and her best friend has a new credit card''

''not again ''i whine

''yes now get you lazy but out''

''fine it was my fault i wanted to relax before i go back to hell''

''ok how about after shopping we go to the spa''

''no thanks i'm ok having some random stranger rub there hands on me''

''fine bu-'' and she was interrupted by a high pitch  scream

''what wrong'' Dakota said worried

''he changing'' and i heard heavy foot steps come marching in i went to hold kyle and whisper calming words

''what wrong'' max said

'' he's changing''

''what that impossible''

''apparently not help me take him to the woods without hurting him'' and we gently took to the woods once there i help kyle with the transformation

''it gonna be okay''dokata said

''mommy it hurts'' he said while a tear slid down his face i gently wipe it away 

''don't worry i be over soon enough'' and within a few minutes he stop screaming and a little gray and white wolf came out of kyle clothes that he was wearing

''wow kyle you so cute'' Dakota said

''here lets take you home''

once home i say out side watching kyle run around still in wolf from

'' you should go inside and get some sleep'' and turn around to see mark

''no it ok'' i said quietly

''are you mad at me'' and look at me worried

''no of course not i'm just a little sad i need to see the people who made my life hell when i was younger''

''i'm sorry''

''don't worry it not your fault we had to move and we had to enter a pack for a while because of the hunter''

'' if you want to go sleep you can i'll watch kyle''

''umm i-''

''come on you need the sleep'' and i took a last glance at kyle and nodded

''good night''

''good night and good night baby'' and he bark playfully and i walk in my room and fell asleep not bothering to change into my pajamas

    i woke up the next day around 12 and got in the shower and change in a hurry and blow dried my hair and got a some shirts with a random shirt i found in my bag fix my hair in a pony tail and but on my flats and got my bags. now i'm in a hurry and we might miss the train thanks allot Dakota you can wake me up for random thing but not for something important

''sorry guys''

''it ok just put your stuff in the cars''

''cars?? i thought we were going on the train?''

''we were but you didn't wake up''

''hey in my defense i ask Dakota to wake me''

''hey i had to sleep''

''ok so here who going with who''

''ya Matt with max, mark with Alexander, Dakota with Damon and kyle and me with Elizabeth'' mason told everyone.Me in a car with him alone without killing him ,impossible

''i don't think so how about you with Damon and me with Dakota and kyle''

''Sorry their bags are already somewhere in the cars so you have to be with me''

''i rather walk''

''ouch'' Damon said

''you  rather walk 5,000 miles than be in a car with me''

''ya you heard me right and plus i can always hitch a ride'' and started walking away when mason swoop me up in his arm bride-style

''no your not your going with me even if it against your will''

''stop put me down! really you guys are gonna let him kidnap me''and look over to Dakota for help but she couldn't do anything because i was already in the car  and we drove off because my stuff were already in the car
after a while he spoke.
''come on your really not mad that i kidnap you, to be in the car with me!''

and i say quiet not wanting to deal to him i just wanted to get this over to go there and ignore him and everyone  

''come on at least speak''

i sighed and said ''what do you want ''


don't blush don't blush don't blush but i can fell it coming so i look away and in the Conner on my eye i can see he was looking at me and smirking 

and plus he lieing because if he did want me he would had have over a hundred search partys looking for me instead of sleeping with some girl and to think about it who was it and why he do it.

and after that we didn't talk for miles 

Dakota P.O.V


ugh i cant believe i did that i'm a horrible best friend how could i just let her go with a guy she totally hates but loves at the same time because of her wolf

  ''don't worry Dakota they'll be  fine i don't think they'll kill each other .... i hope''he mumble the last part

''me too knowing Elizabeth one wrong move and he a goner'' and told around to see kyle sound asleep because yesterday he refused to turn back and stay wolf for almost all the night and morning playing outside so he almost drain all his energy so we let him sleep

''when could we wake him up''

''not in till at least ten hours why''

i sigh ''it because he hasen't eaten anything''

''don't worry before he finally shifted back he ate a big meal''

''ok fine''



''did you ever think our mate can be in lizz old pack''

''it never can to mind but ya''

''if you did find her there would you stay there or make her leave''

''i would let her decied''

''aww your are the perfect gentlemen when needed''

''what does that mean''

''that you can also be a jerk when needed''

''it true if you could prove it''

''remember last summer when i set you up with  Alexis''


''well when you broke up with her in front of everyone was cure''

''hey in my defense i keep telling her to go out side with me so no one could hear, but she said i could tell in front off everyone''

''didn't it ever come to you she thought that you were going to say something nice''

''ya but hey she got annoying tell everyone lies''

''ya but you still could have wait till outside''

''allwell'' and we both laugh

In about three hours and in the time being quiet i remember all the thing and people lizz told me about all the slut Jenna and Stacie her little plastic barbie dolls but she also told me about the only guy who was actually nice to her and it  was her old best friend Luke.She told me all of her other friends were too afraid to be pick on or treated like her so they sided with mason except him he was her only true friend. we were there and i carry out kyle to a room a guy  told us we'll stay i got a room to my self and they told me  if kyle mother was coming

''ya she coming she been here any second, if there not suck in traffic''

''oh ok do you think that he can sleep by himself or should get get a room for them''

''he sleep in his own room by himself at home but if there no space he can sleep with her''

''no it fine it just i thought he still sleep with her so anyways he's room is right across the hall''

''ya it ok''

Elizabeth p.o.v


The rest of the ride was quiet just how  like it i felt like once there he got out to open my door but i bet him showing that i won't be that easily for me accepting him

'' home sweet home''

''more like hell'' i mumble and we were interrupted by a high pitched squealed

''baby your back'' and she ran to hug him but stop when she noticed me and exam me from head to toes

''whys is the omega back i thought i told her to leave because no one want that piece of shit'

and it look like if mason was going to say something but i beat him

''you know what slut go to hell if anything is worth less it you you little piece of shit who did you do when you when mason was away Jake, Jordan,Luke oh wait i forgot they don't like little use up shit like you'' and her face went to pure angry i gave her a smile of satisfaction a started to walk away

she grab my allbow and dig her nails and i pretended it hurt while she smile ''don't talk to me like that i'm your alpha female NOW DO THE CHORES THE HOUSE NEED CLEANING""

And  I look at mason and all the thoughts can flowing to my head the cleaning beating and the name calling exactly the rejection for ally 

"omega come here " and I listen
"what this!?!?"
I gulped and said"breakfast"
They all treated me bad because I was the only wolf that hasn't been thought to fight because the pack thought I was the week leek  I was the last on in my pack to change of course not all the pack but just the people who were around the around age as me .
"breakfast what did you eat It all you fat ass whatever start keeping RAG DOLL! " That was her nick name for me at home and anywhere Else it was bitch fatty and so on but that day i promise myself one day i would stand up to that dirty little bitch and call her that

      End of flash back

I was always treated horribly because Of my weight and That when I started  to loss weight and Luke secretly thought me how to fight but just the basic that why i ask the guys to teach me so i guess the little bitch won't be expecting this .

and then I stop pretending it hurt and  grab her hand like it was flit and twisted it

''Keep you dirty fitly hands to your self unless you want to loss them'' and i push her back intill she fell flat on her but

 i bend down and talk to her like if she was a street dog ''Ow and by the way YOU should start cleening RAGDOLL.'' and i walk away.


so thank for reading hopely you like it remember









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