Forever mate

Elizabeth is like any other 17 year old werewoft.Ever since her parents die 4 years ago she been living with her pack in the pack house including her brother tyler and her mate Mason. Her life is miserable at the her house but stay that was in till she had enough and ran away after being rudely reject by her mate and replace in less than a second by her mate mason the person who suppose to love and protect her soon he regret what he done and beg for her back but it too late she move on and is with another pack. Will he get her back or will her past effect that? again from wattpad sorry for the spelling and grammar


3. goodbyes

 Once I finished packing I wrote two notes saying that I was leaving.


The first was for everyone who had made my life hell:


'For whoever reads this,


I'm leaving and I don't think I'll ever come back. This will be the best for everyone. So better start learning how to clean and cook! [A/n she does all the housework]

Peace out bitches!


- With no love




The other one was for Luke:


'I'm sorry cannot stand it here anymore. I hope you can forgive me and one day see each other again, love you.


- With love your best friend




I left the notes on my bed and took all the money from the pack jar. There was about 20 thousand dollars, enough to get me far away from here and get a job.


First I went to Ashley, a witch, so she can cover my tracks for at least three hours. She agreed, she had been a good friend of my mother and was like an aunt to me. She asked me why I was leaving, so I told her. She felt sorry, witches have something similar to mates but a little different. She helped me because she didn't want to see me in pain anymore. Once she was done we said our goodbyes and I went to the train station.


''Where too miss,'' asked the man at the ticket booth.


I saw the board, and thought maybe New Jersey, or no New York. Finally I settled on heading to a place called 'Black forest'.










                                                 Luke’s P.O.V




Jumping out of Lizzie's room, leaving her alone, I began planning my revenge on Mason. I don't care if he tries to kill me; no one does that to my little girl and gets away with it. I started to get hungry and went up stairs to ask Lizzie if she was hungry too. When I went to her room, it was empty. The only things there were two notes, one for me and the other for everyone else.


My note said that she leaving and she hoped I could forgive her, of course I would. I won't forgive Mason though, he the reason she left. The other note said that she was never coming back and she hated them. Shocked and depressed I just sat on her bed until the fucking asshole walked in here.


“What the hell are you doing here” he sneered at me.


“What the fuck! What are you...” but then he cut me off.


“I am you alpha and I will not be questioned by you! Answer my question!”


That’s it “I am here to help my best friend with her pain but when I got here she wasn't here only a note!”


I shoved it into his hands. And he read it, and he laughed. I pinned him to the wall and was about to punch him.


“Listen, you little asshole. You fucked up her life ever since her parents died and I have been there always trying to put it back together! It was bad enough she blamed herself for their death but what you did, well that was just cruel”


“Hey, HEY! Break it up in here! What’s going on” Tyler, Elizabeth’s older brother, said.


“What’s going on? WHAT’S GOING ON? Do you even remember what happened at school today? Have you even wondered how Elizabeth felt? Or do you only care if your room is clean and if there is food on the table” he looked sad but quickly hide it with anger.


 “Why would you care?”


''Because she is my best friend, your sister and your mate! You were supposed to comfort her, and YOU should have begged for her back! Because you two are a sad excuse for a brother and a mate, she ran away! You know what; it wasn't depression that drove her away. It was actually her common sense, who would want to be in this hell she was supposed to call home,'' and with that I left the room and went to the forest to look for her.








                                                     Mason P.O.V




How could she leave? Though what hurt my wolf the most was that she loved another male more than me. You know what, I don't need her we're about to start a war with the hunters and she would just be a distraction.


“She’s gone” I turned to see Tyler reading the letter while a single tear formed in his eye.


“Yeah, I guess. Well look at the bright side, it make our pack stronger.”


‘It may make your pack stronger, but it makes you and me weaker’ my wolf told me


‘Shut up! She left; it’s her problem.’


'No, it’s you. You’re the one that drove her away.’


I was cut off from my thoughts when I was suddenly being pinned to the wall by Tyler. 


“She was my only family and your mate! Do you really feel nothing?”


Yes, I felt something. “I could care less” I said easily which could be the biggest lie I have ever told.


“So you’re saying you feel nothing for my sister?”


“Nope and I’m glad I don’t.”


“I ever find her; I don't want you even 10 feet close to her.”


“You can’t do that.”


“I thought you said you didn't care” and with that he left.


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