Forever mate

Elizabeth is like any other 17 year old werewoft.Ever since her parents die 4 years ago she been living with her pack in the pack house including her brother tyler and her mate Mason. Her life is miserable at the her house but stay that was in till she had enough and ran away after being rudely reject by her mate and replace in less than a second by her mate mason the person who suppose to love and protect her soon he regret what he done and beg for her back but it too late she move on and is with another pack. Will he get her back or will her past effect that? again from wattpad sorry for the spelling and grammar


7. dress heels and run in

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Elizabeth P.O.V


With those simple words were all I need to break my wolf and mine own heart. I guess he really didn't want me as a mate and prefer a slut, why has the moon goddess been so cure and curse me with him why me out of the millions. And then the pain dimmed and I slowly stop crying

'' You feel better'' Dakota asked

''Y-yeah I don't f-feel him''

‘‘The bond it weaken it can’t be completely destroy but it can fade''

‘‘How long in till I don't care’’

“Few months the most a year''

After the pain was complete gone I went to my bathroom and shower and change into white jeans and a black shirt with my new black heel boots. Then I walk down to the kitchen.

‘‘Wants some um...... whatever this is'' Matt said and look at his plate

''No thanks I’ll think I’ll pass on that''

‘‘Hey I try it not my problem he can’t cook. Wait! You awake cook for us please''


‘‘Please mommy'' and look down to see Kyle

I sighed and said '' ok baby'' and walk to the kitchen but notice confused faces on matt and mark

‘‘What do you want waffles or chocolate chips pancake''

‘‘Pancakes'' and started to take out the mix

‘‘And you guys''

'' Same'' they both said but still confused

Once they finished breakfast I met up with Dakota and the guys to go to school and drop off Kyle once Kyle was out Matt beat Mark to ask 

'' Your Kyle mother'' and the car stay silent for a few moments in till me and Dakota started laughing because she already knew about what Kyle ask me yesterday

'' No of course not'' 

'' Then why he call you mom'' and I wiped a tear that was on the Conner of my eye

‘‘Because he told me he didn't have one and he wanted one and I couldn’t say no''

'' Come on guys that means she got pregent at what 12 13 guys be for real''

''I seen it happen before'' Matt said laughing

‘‘Yeah on a foreign countries where the girl is marry by force''

‘‘Bye guys''

‘‘Bye'' they all said once I got in the building we all went our separate ways to our classes

First was math alone then art with Alexander after it was science with mark and maxes and English with Damon and Matt and last history with Dakota

The day went pretty fast and once I at the end of history mark text me saying to tell me and Dakota to meet up with the guy after school in the parking lot. Once the bell rang I pick up my stuff and rush over to Dakota

'' Mark said to meet the guys in the parking lot''

‘‘Ooh ok but guess what guess what guess what '' she said as walking to the parking lot


‘‘Guess who the bests best friend in the world''

‘‘Let me guess''

‘‘Enough guessing me!!''

'' Why then''

'' Because I set you up with a really cute guy''

‘‘What! Who?!?''

‘‘Hello right here'' mark said while walking in our conversation

‘‘Please I guess I didn't see we because you’re not hot enough'' Dakota said

‘‘Hot enough you only say that because your my cousin or Else you be drooling all over me''

'' And thank you for scaring me for life ''

‘‘You’re welcome'' 

‘‘Ok guys what you wanted to tell me'' I ask while we met up with the rest of the guys

‘‘Oh ok so were moving because we are a small pack and we don't want to join one here were moving but to a pack for a little while the we'll buy our own land''

‘‘Oh ok''

''Yeah and the alpha coming over to meet us on Friday so don't attack him when he comes''

''Ha-Ha sure why not''

‘‘Ok so back to your date''

‘‘Oh so who you set me up with''

''Jackson from the history''

'''what? Really''

‘‘Yeah turn out he had a crush on you since you came here''

‘‘How do you know''

''I ask him''

''you would’ ‘I said while rolling my eyes

‘‘Well I caught him staring at you and then he told me''

‘‘Ok when''

''Friday at 8:00''

‘‘Ok I’m going to go pick up Kyle''

‘‘Ok bye''

‘‘Bye'' once I got to his day care sign him out 

‘‘Hi mommy'' and other mom gave me a weird look but I just ignored them

‘‘Hi honey want to go to the park''

‘‘Yay can we go to the ice cream man first through''

‘‘Yeah honey''

After buying ice cream we watch the ducks at the pond and we went home the week went pretty fast

                          3 days later



''wake up Liz''

''let me sleep'' and she shook me

''no were going to be late''after several attempt got my pillow and started to hit me

''wake up''*Hit*

"i'm up"

"Wake up''*hit*

"I'm up"*hit*

"wake up"*hit*

"I'm UP!!''

''finnaly now go shower''

''fine'' and shower with my berry and vanilla shampoo and got out and put riped skinny jeans and a white v neck with my black high top converse

''your planning to stay like that all day'' as she look at my outfit

''ya maybe''

''what about your date?!!?''

''OMG! I totally forgot I guess I just find something later''

''ok then lets get going'' once at school first and second period felt like a blur and third period was about to finish

3....2.....1....R-RING i pick up my stuff and went to lunch once i got my lunch I saw Dakota wave her hand singling to seat there

‘‘Hey are you excited''


‘‘You know you’re going to see Jackson''

‘‘Oh my god you making this a bigger deal than me.''

‘‘Don’t worry she try to be cupid with us and always set us up'' Matt said while pacing his lunch tray in our table


‘‘Yeah I remember when she set me up with Alice in the 8th grade''

‘‘Any ways after school were going shopping''

‘‘Not again''

‘‘Yes again you have nothing to wear trust me honey I have seen your closet you have nothing to ware’’

‘‘Do I have to''

‘‘Yes and I can give you a complete makeover hair makeup eyebrows shoes and most important accessories ''

''I’m not sure about this''

‘‘Don’t worry I have practice since I have 4''

‘‘Yeah remembered when max use to have long hair and she use to braid it and curl it'' Matt said and they started laughing

‘‘Hey at least I wasn't her make up dummy''

‘‘Hey remember when she use mark as her manikin for either princess or cheerleader for Halloween''

‘‘Ok I think she get the point'' mark said

‘‘See I’m experience''

‘‘So come on were ditching we need all the time we can get''


and got up and got in the car once we got to the mall and enter a store and got to work

‘‘Ewe *throw* “ewe”*throw* “ewe”*throw* “found yeah look at these as she handled me a pair of black heels''

‘‘Pretty we'll take them'' after paying we went to a dress store''


‘‘Nan blue''

‘‘Let me''

After what seem like hours we finally found a black and silver dress 

‘‘Here'' as I pass her the black bag off the self


‘‘There now we just need accessories and were done''

then we enter gossips world I found a silver charm bracket while Dakota found the matching necklace once we pay and drove home we ran out the car and in my room to check the clock 6:30

‘‘Shit we need to finish now'' and Dakota did her magic

      2 hours later



''Dakota the alpha here''

‘‘Ok we'll be there when we finish''

‘‘Ready and...Done'' as she let go of the last curl

‘‘Done oh my god Liz you look so beautiful''

I smiled ''thanks d it all happen because of you''

‘‘Ok let’s go meet the new alpha''

‘‘Yeah'' as I walk out I saw Kyle run to me

‘‘mommy he's here''

‘‘Ok honey lets go meet him''

Once I got there I wish I haven't and I look up to his eyes only for his to meet mine 



So many of you wanted them to meet again so here it is hope you like it revenge




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