I Never Knew I Loved You

Jess Was Niall's Best friend before x factor. Suddenly, He's Back. Does he want more from Her? Does He Even remember Her?


5. Pg 13

Niall's P.O.V:

I Opened The Fridge.Only To Find a Note From Jess. " Thanks For the Cupcake. Jess xx" SHE. ATE. MUH. CUPYCAKEEEEE.  I ran upstairs and poured a cup of freezing water down her bra. "AHHHH NIALLLL!!!!."  She screamed and chased me. In. Just. Her Bra And panties. Hot. "YOUR FAT ASS DOESNT NEED A CUPCAKE!" she yelled. " I Stopped and let her Run Into Me. I Slipped Her Over My Shoulder. I flopped her down on Her bed. "Repeat that Please?" She Giggled. " Fat Ass." She Said Squirming.  IM THE FAT ASS?!"  I poked her tummy. "YOU PREGO BITCH?"  i Said Smiling. "Yes, by My Boyfriend Harry." She said winking. I growled. "You Will NEVER  be pregnant by harry, Nobody For That Matter, Nobody Except For Me, And My Fat Ass." I said. She Kissed Me. "Calm Down. Harry is nothing to me but a curly haired Monkey." I  smiled. This Girl Was amazing. " Besides.." She Started. "ZAYN'S THE HOT ONE!!!!!" Shit. She Was Going To Get It.  She took off running. She Was fast.  I  Eventually Caught Up To Her. I grabbed Her By Her Bra Strap. "Mine." I said. " All Mine." She Smiled. " ZAYN'S HOTTERRRRR."  She laughed.  I Grabbed her Waist.  I Kissed Her. She Smiled.  I began To Makeout With her. I Couldn't Resist her Any longer. I Heard A Moan Escape From Her. I Dipped Her. She Giggled And Held My Neck. " I :Love You jess. Will You Be My Girlfriend?"

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