I Never Knew I Loved You

Jess Was Niall's Best friend before x factor. Suddenly, He's Back. Does he want more from Her? Does He Even remember Her?


4. Missing You

Jess's P.O.V:

I hopped quickly out of the hospital bed. I ran over to Niall and sat in his lap. " Niall. What happened?" I asked. " Nothing. I don't want to talk about it." Niall Said. I Blushed," Are You mad At Me?' I Asked. "JESS. I don't want to talk about it." Niall Got Up And Left The Room. I Scurried to my bed and slipped under the covers. carefully turning on the fan. Niall Stood Outside talking to the nurse. " SHE'S FINE!" Niall Was Saying. "What do you mean she won't live?" Niall Asked. The Door Opened And Niall Rushed In. I Faked Being Asleep. "Jess, Im Sorry. This Will never Be Your Fault. I'm Just Upset About Claire, I Love You, Even If This Is The Last Time I See You." I Sat Up Yelling " DON'T SAY THAT!" I Yelled. Niall Pulled Me Into His Arms Crying. I whipered In his Ear, " You will NEVER .. EVER. Loose me." I Said. And We Sat There In The Hospital, Crying. He Was My Bestfriend. I Just Wish He Was... Mine...

Niall's P.O.V:

I Heard Jess. She was talking to her parents on the Phone. " No mom, you don't need to come home. Im fine. Yes, Im sure. Okay, Bye." It Has Been Two Weeks. I Held Her Hand as We Walked Out Of The Hospital Doors. I Handed Her a pair of sunglasses and she smiled. "Lookin Hot?" She Said Doing a silly pose. I Picked Her up and swung her around. " Totally." i said as i pulled her in close to me. She Giggled. "C'mon. You Hungry?" I Asked Her. She Nodded. " Let's Get Starbucks." I Said,  I Sat Her In the car as her hair blew in the wind. We Pulled Up To Starbucks And I helped her Out of the car. She Smiled. I saw Camera's flashing. Woah. I Pulled Jess In For A Kiss. Let There Be Pictures. Jess Stood On He Tippy Toes And Wrapped Her Arms Around My Neck. She Got The Joke. They Continued To Snap Photo's. We Walked Inside. As We Were Walking Inside I Slid My Hand Down To Her Butt.  We Walked In. "Niall!  We SOO Fooled Them!" She Laughed. I Burst Out Laughing Also, And Pretty Soon, we Were Laughing. And Now, i remembered While I Loved Her. I Promised Myself, I wouldnt hurt this girl. She was my first real love. and she will be my last real love. " Jessica. Get. Over. Here." I Said. She Smiled And Scooted Over Towards me. " Its A Sunny Day in Ireland. What Shall We Do babe?" She Giggled. The Cayootest Thing. Like, ever. " Did You Just Call me babe? Mr. Horan?" She Said. Her laugh Was Bubbly And Infectious. " Yes, Mrs. Drew. I Did. Problem?" She laughed." Only  Boyfriends Call Their Girlfriends, Babe." She Said. "Ill Keep that in mind the next day i see Demi."  i Said. I made sure I smiled. I couldnt give it away. Not yet. We eventuall got a table, and enjoyed our starbucks. She Gasped. "THE DEMI?!!?!" Huh. " Yup." I Poped The P. Indeed. "THE Demi."I said. She playfully Hit me on the arm. ''LUCKYYY!"  She exclaimed. we paid for our Drinks, and left. She slid Back into the car. " I Have To Let You Meet The Boys One Day, Youll Love Ehm." I said. She Giggled And  Ran her fingers through her hair. " Im just lucky to have My Bestfriend Back, More or less, five of them." She said. " Oh. NIALL! CAN WE GO TO WALLY WORLD?!"  She Said, Interupting her own sentence. ' The Fuck Is Wally World?" i Asked. She Ruffled My Hair. "Wally Mart?' I still was confused. "Walmart, Dummy." She Said. I smiled. I drove a little father down to walmart. She Jumped Out of The Car and Ran Over to Me. " Jess. Hand. You Know Walmart Doesnt Allow Wild Dogs." She Grabbed My Hand. "You Are So Dead When We Get Home Horan."  She laughed." i doubt youll be able to catch me." i said.  She laughed. Silly, Innocent Jess.  We skipped inside. and she ran off. I few minutes later, i got a text.  " Fuck You. I Got Harry." She Slid out of the isle infront of me.  Holding a large Harry Cutout. She Burst out laughing. I blushed. " He's a Dick. get A Niall One And Lets Go." I said. She quickly scurried in and out of the isle. and she brought back one of me. " better Mr. Horan?" i smiled. " Mhhm Babe." I Kissed Her Cheek And She smiled. " I Still Like Harry More." She said as she took off running.  I Caught up to her. " You.Are.Mine.Not.Harry's. I Said under my breath."What Mr. Horan?" She said giggling. " Lets Get Home."I said. we paid, and it wasnt long until we were safely back to her house. i went downstairs and opened the fridge. she ran upstairs with my cutout and a poster of some sort. "NIALL?" "Yeah Jess?" I yelled. "COME HELP ME!" Jess Yelled. I walked into Jess's Room, Where she stood on a chair, and in short..short, shorts. Wow. She was perfect. " are you just going to stand there, or help me?" Jess was trying to put up my poster. "Erm. What do you need Ms. Drew?"

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