I Never Knew I Loved You

Jess Was Niall's Best friend before x factor. Suddenly, He's Back. Does he want more from Her? Does He Even remember Her?


2. Decisions.

Jess's P.O.V:

Since Niall Returned My Life Has Been Normal.. We Hung Out Everyday, And Did What We Normally Would be doing. I Usually Let Niall sleep On The Couch in My Room, But Today when I Woke Up He Wasn't There. " Damn it Niall." I Said. I Couldn't Find Him Anywhere. Its Been a About A Week Since He Flew back and He Has Never Left My House.Maybe He Went Home. Nope. His Car Was Still Here. Hm.. I Decided To Call Him. " Hello?" Niall Answered." Niall God Damn it?! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" I Was Practicly Yelling. " I'm somewhere." I Groaned. "Niall, Where Are You." Just Then i Heard The Door Open.  Niall Wrapped Him Arms around Me. " Good Morning." " NIALL!" It Turns Out He Was just In The Kitchen. Making Me breakfast. " Here Love."  He Handed Me A Plate of Pancakes With Sausages And Eggs." Niall. Thanks."  He Smiled. " When Your Finished Eating, You Should Go Get A Shower." Niall Said.  "Are You telling Me What To Do Mr. Horan?" I Winked. " Unless You Want To Go Shopping Dirty." He Laughed. "we are NOT going Shopping." I groaned. " Mhm. We'll see." Niall Said, Smiling. I Finished My Breakfast then Went to take A Shower. Afterwards, I Snuck out Of The Bathroom. I heard Niall On His Phone. "Yeah Jane." he Said. "Okay, So ill See You Tonight?" He Kept Smiling. " Okay, Bye." i Walked Away As quietly As i Could. But Niall Still Heard me. "Jess?' I Turned Around And Did My Best fake Smile. "Huh?" "You Heard me Didn't You." I Nodded.

Niall's P.O.V:

Jess Heard me. She heard me Planning A Date. "Jess, Let's Go." i Said As She Finished Lacing Her Shoes. " No Thanks Niall." She Said. " What?" I Asked. " No." She said. I Knew she Would Refuse. "Why not." "because i Feel Like I'm Being Used.." Jess Said. Tearing Up. The Love of My Life Was Crying Over me. I Couldn't take It.  I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me. "I Would NEVER Use my Best Friend" I said. " There's That Word Again." She Said sniffling. "What Do You Mean?" I Asked Her. " Niall. I Really Like You." Jess Began. "I always Have." I Smiled. " Oh Jess." I Like You too." I Just want To Make You Feel Special. No Come On, We're Going Shopping." I Said as I lead her Out to The Car.  I Drove To The Mall and Opened Her Car Door And Held Out My hand For her to Grab. I Shut The Door Behind Her. And Picked Her up Bridal Style. "NIALL!" Said Said, Giggling. " Once We Got Inside The mall, I Put her On My Shoulders. ' Where too Miss?" I Asked her. " To Thy Food Court!" She Said laughing. "Okay, Victoria Secret it Is." I Winked. i Carried  Her to Victoria Secret, where she hopped off my shoulder and skipped inside. " OHH.  Look At Theese Niall." She held Up A pair of panties, and Smiled. I Laughed. I Turned around And was Looking At All The Posters On The Wall, When Suddenly i heard Jess's Voice. " OH! IM SOOO SORRY." Jess Said. " No, " Said A Guy about My age. " I"M sorry." He Helped Her Up And Gave her A Piece Of paper. His Number. " She Blushed" And he Winked And left. " WASN'T HE JUST ADORABLE?' Jess Said. " Yeah. Sure. whatever." i Could Feel my Cheeks Turning red with anger.  She Blushed and Hugged me. " I Love You niall." Jess Smiled.


Jess's P.O.V:

After Me And Niall Went Shopping, We Went Back To My House. 'Thanks Niall. I Really Had Fun Today."  Me And Niall Went Upstairs And Turned on Some Cartoons.  I Fell Asleep On My Bed Within the First 5 Minutes. I Felt something on My Cheek. Niall Kissed me. i Said To Myself. He Really Kissed me.


Niall's P.O.V: Wow. I Kissed Jess On The Cheek And left a Note Explaining That i Had Some Stuff to Do. When I Was Really going On A Date With Jane. I Was Going to Cancel. until Jess Met that One Guy. then i Decided It Was payback. I Pulled up To Jane's Driveway And Knocked On The Door. " Hello beautiful." I Said. Jane Smiled. " Niall, I Love you." i Thought of jess. And How I had Wanted her to love me for so long. and now that she did, i was doing this. Oh well, she's Got that Brandon Guy. I Picked jane Up And Swung her Around.  she Kissed Me.  "Let's Get Going Babe." I Said.We Walked Over to The park. i Showed Her The Old maple tree. "Me and My Best Friend Used to hang out here."  i Said. We talked, i Even Sang To her. Oh How Jealous jess Would be. Fuck Jess. i Smiled and Continued On To our Date.

Jess's P.O.V:

Since Niall Left, i Decided To Call Brandon. Id Like to Get To Know him. i Dialled His Number And he Picked up. " Hi. It's Jess." " Hey Jess, What's Up?' Brandon Asked. " nothing Kuch, i Was just Wondering If You Want to hang Out.' I Asked. " Sure. How About I Meet you at The Woodland Park?" Brandon Replied. "sure. See you There, 15 Minutes?" "Mhhm." And then i Hung Up. I got Up. Fixed my hair, changed into a pretty Spring Dress And Some Flats And Walked To The park. Brandon Was Waiting For Me. he Handed me Some Flowers. " You look amazing." he Said smiling. " Thanks, you Dont Look To bad Yourself." i said Smiling. He held hands and Walked Around. I pointed Out The maple Tree. " me And my Best Friend Came here All The Time.' we Walked Over. " What about Boyfriend." he Said. he Picked Me up and Kissed me. I Couldnt help But Giggle. I Put Me down And We Continued Walking. " Hey brandon, look at This." I playfully threw A Pebble At him. We Got into a Pebble Fight ( xD)  And Then We Continued Walking. i Turned the Coner. There was Niall. Making Out With a Girl.  i Turned To Brandon. I-i- Ive gotta Run." i Said. I Ran off. Not Even Bothering To Look Back.



Niall's P.O.V: 

I Was making Out With jane, Then All of A Sudden, Jess. She Was Holding Hands With brandon. then she Turned to Him and Said something. And then She Ran. I Got Up To Deal With Brandon. " Listen here Punk. You Leave Her alone,' I shouted. "Fuck you. Making Out With Some girl, then Claming that you love her." He yelled. He Took off And Ran After Jess.


1. what will happen With jess and Brandon?

2. jess And Niall? or jess And Brandon? 

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