allyson is trying to fight her way to be normal again but it starts out as if she was a simple girl but one mistake changes her world at summer camp and to that day niall has been apart of it


2. summer camp

“bye mum I will see you in a few weeks ok I will be fine “ I said as my mum started to cry she has been so protective of me since my dad left us when I was 3 and I’m the only child so she will get lonely she nodded one last time but put a smile on her face behind the tears kissed me on the forehead and told me she loved one last time and walked away while waving. As I turned my two best friends were standing there waiting for me we pulled our self together and walked through the gates of summer camp not knowing what will come .


‘OMG this is going to be so much fun the three of us ar…..” I started but before I could finish I layed my eyes on the most handsome boy ever with his blode striaght hair pale but tanned king great body and his amazing blue eyes who was surrounded with a group of boys all looking mighty fine. by the time i had snaped out of it my friends had notice where i was looking and thought the same .

I wanted to say hi i wanted to walk over there right now i would but there was something stopping me i knew i should get to know him when he is alone or if we have group activities together maybe ."ALLYSON lets go already my bags heavy " Lisa groaned as she walked away "coming " i shouted back she was right the bags are heavy haha i turned quickly to get one more glimpse of the mystery boy but he was gone i frowned and walk to our dorm. The dorm was a 3 person cabin lucky it was done up really nice it had its own bathroom  its own kitchen for snacks cause we go to the hall for breakfast lunch and dinner , its own bedrooms even a few small couches with tv it was like an amazing miny house but it wouldnt be good enough for some people but for me it looked like the one my mum and i live in but smaller .

this camp isnt just a normal camp it was a rich kids camp and my mums boyfriend can afford it .this camp has everything from small fountains to big private jets brad pit sends his kids here like really wow

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