Irish Cupcakes

My name’s Madison Fitzpatrick. I own a bakery called Fresh Flours, it’s doing really bad and we might be put out of business, but I keep my hopes up. Sometimes. Anyways, I’m 19, I have hazel eyes, I’m 5 feet and 2 inches. And that’s about it.


1. Irish Cupcakes

“Dude!  What the hell?” I opened up my car door and screamed at the man who hit my Audi.  “I’m sorry, here’s my number, is there anything I can do for you?” the blonde man ran his hand through his hair.  “Yea.  You can get out of here.  I’m late to my store.” I remarked.  “You’re store.  As in you own it?” he looked up.  “Yes.  I own my store.  Is that a surprise to you?” I nastily smirked.  “Kinda- I mean, not at all.  I was gonna ask if you needed any help there.  Because I’m looking for a job.  But, you know what, you look independent.  You’ll get it figured out, you don’t need me.” Blondie began to get back into his car.  “Wait!” I chased after it.  “Yes?” he asked knowing I needed employees.  “I-I need employees.  I mean, if you’re willing to work yo-”  he cut in “I’ll work there.  My name’s Niall.  So, where is the place, I’ll start now.” Niall smiled.  “Um...follow my car.  It’s a bakery down the block.  And, I’m Madison.” I smiled jogging over to my slightly dented car.  I drove to Fresh Flours.  “Do you work by yourself?” Niall asked raising his eyebrows, “My friend Coleen works here.  But today, tomorrow and Sunday she’s off.”  I smiled.  “Is there something you like?” Niall smirked.  “No! No! No!  We need to start baking.  Store opens at 7” I looked outside towards the rising sun.  “What do I do?”  Niall walked behind the cash register.  “We have a wedding cake due tomorrow, three birthday cakes with really weird names.  And it’s always good to have extra batches of everything:  cupcakes, brownies, crepes, pies, cakes, cookies, fudge.  You know, just about everything.”  I put on my apron and got to work.  I began to hear knocking on the window.  “Hello?  Is this place open?” a woman in a floral dress, pearls and kitten heels with hair pinned up like a sixties look.  Typical suburban.  “Why!  Yes, yes it is.” I smiled acting polite as possible.  “Wonderful!  I need to batches of double fudge brownies, and if you sold limeade with a pinch of lemon that would be great too.” she smiled.  “Sure.” I walked back into the kitchen.  “Bake as fast as you can.  I only have one batch of dfb.” I clapped my hands and threw a pink apron over Niall.  “Dfb? What’s that?” Niall looked in the cookbook.  “Double fudge brownies.”  I ran outside to the lady sitting patiently.  “It’ll be ready in a few minuets ma’am.” I smiled.  “You know, you should really change the closed sign to open, it’ll get paying customers in.” she raised her eyebrows.  Dam! This  bitch doesn’t like me.  “You’re right. Totally forgot.” I faked a happy expression.  “It isn’t something you should forget.  Are you sure your fitted to run a business?” she filed her nails.  “Yes.  I am fitted to run a business.  If I wasn’t do you think I’d be here right now?” I smirked.  “Why.  Well, I don’t know if you can run a successful business.”  she glared.  “Listen, lady.  You can either pipe the fuck down or accept these freaking brownies.  I’ve been working my ass off all day everyday.  So I don’t understand why you have the right to judge me, while you look like a stereotypical suburban bitch!” my anger rose.  “I don’t think I’ll be paying for the brownies.” she huffed.  “And I don’t think you’ll be getting the brownies.” I retaliated.  “Bye bye.” I showed the woman the door.  “You don’t take bullshit do you?” Niall put cookies in the oven.  “Try this.” Niall shoved a cupcake in my mouth.  “Mmm!  This is good, what’s the recipe?” I asked.  “Family secret, you like?” he questioned.  I put two thumbs up, “Your accent is Irish.  These cupcakes were made by the Irish.  So...they’ll be called Irish Cupcakes!” I liked my fingers.  “Hello?  Maddie?  You there?” Coleen walked into the baking room.  “Coleen, you don’t work today.” I hugged her.  “I know, but you work so hard and you need help...which I see you have covered.  But, the more the merrier!” Collie threw a apron over her curly red hair.  “Did you make him an apron.  Like, design it yet?  I’ve got a few in the back, if you wanna start now.” Coleen walked into storage and grabbed a cotton candy pink apron.  “Let’s begin!” Coleen place the pink garment on the table and grabbed a few neon squirt gel paints.  “You’re kidding right?” Niall asked.  “Only owners design.” I smirked.  We painted the whole thing in pink and blue making it all girly.  “Oh god.” Niall rubbed his temples.  “Get working.” Coleen smiled.  

~Later that week~
“We need 300 batches of Irish Cupcakes, cupcake.” I kissed Niall’s cheek and walked over to the freshest group to decorate.  Did I forget to mention I’ve been dating a certain Irish man who put us in the newspaper for our famous Irish Cupcakes?  “Hey princess.” Niall hugged me from behind.  “Aww.  You’re the cutest.” I looked behind and ruffled his blonde locks.  “Hey lovebirds!  Get working, these cupcakes won’t make themselves!” Coleen yelled snapping us out of our stupor.  “I need to tell you something.” Niall composed himself, “Here’s the recipe.  I’ll be gone for awhile now.  Don’t ask where I’m going.” he walked out leaving his apron laying on the floor.  “What?” I asked myself.  Why did he leave? Was I just a pawn in his arrogant game?  I laughed to myself.  It’s been one week, after he dented my car and I’m completely in love with him.  So, why is he leaving?

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