1D Imagines

These are some One Direction Imagines for your enjoyment! I will not come up with these very often, because I just cant come up with small imagines and cut them off. They have to continue. I always find myself wanting to find out more of the story. So, bare with me on how much I do write imagines. All imagines are ones that i have written so I hope you enjoy! I also do personals!


1. Niall

You're sitting thinking about your 19 year old boyfriend Niall.  You , being 13 the relationship has been tough with the paparazzi and others judging your age difference. But your family and his has been able to accept your relationship because you two are in love. You and Niall just got home from his brother, Greg and his newly wed Denise's wedding. You flew out from America (where you live) just to attend the wedding. you've been here all week, and you're leaving in another week. You're very tired and you lay down in Niall's bed. Niall is on the phone down stairs and you don't now who he's talking to. All of the sudden you hear a very loud "YES!" Come from down stairs. You get up out of bed to see what is going on, but Niall meets you halfway, in the middle of the steps.  He picks you up and spins you around then puts you down and sees the confused look on your face.

"I'm going to be an uncle!" He shouts.

"That's great baby!"

"And you're going to be an aunt!" You never thought you would be considered an aunt to Nialls brother's baby, since you weren't really family yet.

"Babe, I'm not family I'm not an aunt."

"Yes you are family! All of them love you!"

"Yes we do Y/N!" You hear a faint voice say from the phone.

"Greg is that you?" You ask.

"Yes and we all love you very much! I would love for you to be the aunt of my child." Greg says through the phone.

"And someday the mother of MY children." Niall chimes in. You look at him shocked.

"Really Niall?"

"Yes baby girl." He grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers.

"You're willing to wait for me?" You ask talking about the age difference and how long he'll have to wait for kids if he stays with you.

"Baby I'll wait for you forever if I have to. And that's the promise I made to you. I won't break it." He says playing with the promise ring he gave you on your finger.

"Aww. I love you."

"I love you too Princess." He pecked your lips , causing 1000 butterflies to erupt in your stomach just like the first time he kissed you. 

"Alright you two, enough with the lovey dovey stuff." You hear from the phone. You google and blush not remembering that Greg was still on the phone.



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