1D Imagines

These are some One Direction Imagines for your enjoyment! I will not come up with these very often, because I just cant come up with small imagines and cut them off. They have to continue. I always find myself wanting to find out more of the story. So, bare with me on how much I do write imagines. All imagines are ones that i have written so I hope you enjoy! I also do personals!


2. Liam for Lalabear_Wilson




       "Ugh Liam I can't do this anymore!"

     You screamed at your boyfriend of only 4 months. Only 4 months and there was already problems. This time you were fighting over the jacket he left on the floor instead of the coat rack,other times it's how long he's been gone working in the studio.

     "Liam, you walk in this house late all the time, because "your'e at the studio"" you said putting air qoutes around the words, "and when you are here your'e lazy and don't pick up after yourself! I'm not your mother or your maid, clean up your messes!"


    "So what do you think I'm cheating on you?!" Liam asks, hovering over your small body with his large one, his eyes turning a darker brown with pure anger.


     "Well it wouldn't suprise me since youv'e been gone almost every night and you STILL haven't sopped talking about Danielle!"

        "If you have such doubt in our relationship then maybe you should just leave!" Liam says with more anger in his eyes, turning an almost black color. What he says brings tears to your eyes as he towers over you and doesn't back away. You really started to like Liam and you didn't want to leave. You had a feeling you were rushing things when you moved in with him, but you kept that feeling in the back of your mind.


    "Fine I will." You say wiping the fresh new tears that appear on your face and walking up the steps of yours and Liam's, well now Liam's house. You packed everything in three suitcases, and tool one last look at your rrom with Liam. the room was painted a sky blue with small inspiring quotes on the wall. You looked at one that has always been close to your heart. "Sometimes the hardest thing to wear is our own skin" and that quote fit your mindset perfectly right now. You walked down the stairs to see Liam sitting watching tv with no expreession on his face, completely blank stare on the tv. You looked at him for 10 seconds beofre walking out the front door. 'Now where am I going to go?' you asked yourself. You thought of the perfect person, your brother Louis. He always has been here for youeven when otheres weren't. Louis is how you met Liam, through the X- Factor in 2008 and now theyre One Direction, world's most biggest boyband.  You called Louis hoping and praying he would answer, crying again.

   "Hello?" Louis asked into the phone recovering from laughter.

     "Louis?" you said sniffling trying to wipe your tears.

      "Karlea? Oh sissy what happened?"

     "L-liam." You managed to get out, stuttering and trembling over your tears.

     "Alright I'll be right there." Louis says, hanging up the call. You dropped to your knees sitting on the sidewalk that leads to the driveway of Liam's house. Beofre you knew it, Louis was there picking you up bridal style and placing you in the passenger seat of his car. You didn't say aword on the way to your brother's house, the only thing being heard was your light sniffles.


   Louis picked you up out of the car and brought you into his manchine like house and set yo on the couch where Niall and Harry were already sitting. They all had an arm around you, comforting you as yo told them all what happened.

    " I dont know if I can do us anymore, we're always arguing."

     " Don't be so down love, Liam likes you a lot, he'll ask you  to come back." Niall syas in his Irish accent.

      " Thanks boys, I'm tired I think I'll go to bed." You reply kissing each of their cheeks and heading into the guest room. Before you knew it you were in adeep sleep, hoping Liam will take you back.

       *Next Morning*

    You wake up to the sound of screaming.

       "No Liam, leave her alone she needs to be left alone!"

       "No Louis let me see Karlea! I need her!"

     Hearing those words carried your legs down the steps to see a teary eyed Liam standing behind Louis as Louis was holding him back trying to  him out the dor.


      "Karlea." Liam said quietly.

      "L-liam." You spoke.

       "Karlea please listen to me. I'm so so so sorry I yelled at you. I know I need to clean up after myself and I know I'm gone a lot because of work. I'm not cheating on you, me and Danielle are just friends. I would never cheat on you. You know why? Because

I-I love y-you." He stuttered with the tears brimming in his eyes. He never thought he could win you back.

" I love you too Liam!" You run and hug him as his hands are wrapped around you and your legs are around his waist. You pull back slightly and kiss him passionately. That was the first time he ever said I love you to you and you know you feel the same.

                                                                                THE END


          I really hope you liked this!



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