Hurry Up Babe , Because Time Flies By.

He was my best friend, and I was his. We spent almost every waking moment together when we could he helped me through my abusive family, my horrid self harming habit I seemed to acquire. And my constant drama of boys, bullies, and girl fights. My mind would wonder through if we could ever go any farther than best friends, or super mega best friends as we like to call it .(:
What will happen ?
Will we ever prosper?
What will happen of things don't work out..
Then my dad threatens to kill him.
Please at least read the intro(: Its better than this crappy thing above<3


2. My story.

Don't pitty me , I beg you. 

My father brutally stabbed my mother, strangled my brother, and beat the life out of my baby sister who was only a year old. All right in front of me.I wish he would just go die. I never did anything to him and he murders my family. Leaving me to be his personal punching bag.  Yes he abuses me , every day. Verbally, and physically but never sexually. Thank the lord above. He gets enough of that with the women he brings to the house every night. I will never. EVER. call that place home. That place is a pure demonic hell hole.

    I wish I could away but and I quote as he said , covered in the blood of my dearest family members. "if you tell anyone about this, try to runaway or anything I swear. You're. Next. You little useless whore. " I couldn't speak. That night haunts me in my dreams and haunts my subconcise every moment I am awake . My best friend Damon, he is my savior. He is my escape route through all of this, this meaningless abuse and dreams that haunt me saying their deaths were all my fault and that I could have saved them but I watched them die instead. Although I really couldnt have because I was tied to a chair with duct tape over my mouth, he had drugged me to tie me up. Just has he had sedeated my family "so they won't feel a thing" he says calmly as if one of the were getting teeth pulled. 

Authors note (: >>>  sorry for the short chapters ! I'm writing on my phone ! Love you guys comment what you

Think or kik me for ideas or critiques ! Love you all here's my kik : @baby_boo27  

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