Hurry Up Babe , Because Time Flies By.

He was my best friend, and I was his. We spent almost every waking moment together when we could he helped me through my abusive family, my horrid self harming habit I seemed to acquire. And my constant drama of boys, bullies, and girl fights. My mind would wonder through if we could ever go any farther than best friends, or super mega best friends as we like to call it .(:
What will happen ?
Will we ever prosper?
What will happen of things don't work out..
Then my dad threatens to kill him.
Please at least read the intro(: Its better than this crappy thing above<3


4. Day 2.

              I stand there anixously pacing in front of the door, then it opens. Its him , and he's fine. Why am I over-reacting so much?


     I walk down the stairs, I am cut off by the beast. " So that little 'Friend' of yours?, He only wants to have sex with you , you little slutbag. No one could ever really like you, You're a dumbass broad who wouldn't know her left from right if it were on two billboards right in front of her." I just stare straight through him. This is of course the daily reoccurence , but he had never brought Damon into this. Without any hessitantion I back handed him , looked him straight in the eye and said " That is not true. He isn't like you. with your countless women and-" I was cut off with a sharp stabbing pain in my side. My hand immeadiatly retreated to my side and my fingers rising into veiw were dripping in blood. He, he had stabbed me. He leaned forward and whispered almost in a seductive evil tone. "And just remeber , if he ever crosses the line. Or tries to take you away from me. He dies, Just like your mother, brother, and sister." chuckles and Walks away . Leaving me bloodied, Speachless, and terrifed.

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