Hurry Up Babe , Because Time Flies By.

He was my best friend, and I was his. We spent almost every waking moment together when we could he helped me through my abusive family, my horrid self harming habit I seemed to acquire. And my constant drama of boys, bullies, and girl fights. My mind would wonder through if we could ever go any farther than best friends, or super mega best friends as we like to call it .(:
What will happen ?
Will we ever prosper?
What will happen of things don't work out..
Then my dad threatens to kill him.
Please at least read the intro(: Its better than this crappy thing above<3


5. Day 2 Continued.

End of Flash back.

" Helllo? Earth to huggaboo?" He says  " Dilliah?" 

"What , what , what?" I say faster than I probably should have, 

"Are you okay? You kinda zoned off a bit." 

"Yeah , I'm fine." I say with a smile , I can tell he doesn't buy it by the you had better tell me what's going on with you later look.

"Okay, whatever" He says walking off the porch and down the drive.  I follow him and catch up to him . 

" So whatcha' wanna go and do today?" I inquire 

" Theme park ( kings dominion ) Good for you?" 

" Heck YEAH! " I say jumping up and down like a little kid. Suddenly my dad didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered accept for me and my best friend. 


Sorry for the SUPER short chapter! Sorrrrryyy ! Forgive mee? Good. Comment I want to know what you guys think! Or kik me at baby_boo27  

Love y'all! <3

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