Hurry Up Babe , Because Time Flies By.

He was my best friend, and I was his. We spent almost every waking moment together when we could he helped me through my abusive family, my horrid self harming habit I seemed to acquire. And my constant drama of boys, bullies, and girl fights. My mind would wonder through if we could ever go any farther than best friends, or super mega best friends as we like to call it .(:
What will happen ?
Will we ever prosper?
What will happen of things don't work out..
Then my dad threatens to kill him.
Please at least read the intro(: Its better than this crappy thing above<3


3. Day 1.

 My POV.

      I cleaned the house then after my unescapeable beating from the beast (My father). I was told to , "Go runaway or something you little Bitch, Be  back to make dinner at the most 8:00pm ." Now this was my treat of the day , Everyday After I clean and he beats me I get to "Go runaway or something" .  I imeadiatly sped up to my bedroom and changed into a light peach pink sweater with a small brown belt from my mothers old closet , the beast never buys me anything, only enough to keep me from being taken from children services, just enough to cover his ass. I reach into the closet to grab a pair of jeans but I ended up with a black skirt . Oh well I thought as I slipped in on and tucked my sweater loosely into it. I put on some knee-length socks that have a lace pattern at the top edge and then on my just below the knee brown seuede boots and I was ready to go. i threw my camera , my notebook, pen , pencils, and my cell phone that the beast doesnt and will hopefully never know about. 

    I text Damon saying I'll be over in a minute or two, as I hop out of my window and slide down the siding og the house like I always do to avoid the beast. As soon as I hit the grund My phone lights up.


Alright HuggaBoo see you on my door step. LMAO.


    I giggle a little, we always had cute little nicknames for each other. I went off my way through my front yard and around the bend, and I went up to the door bell and it rang and rang and rang as I repeatedly pushed it. But no one came. Well, That was weird. He always answers on the first ring, and he texted me like two seconds ago? 

There's something wrong here. Very, very wrong.

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