Begin Again

Rachel is preety much the nerd of the school. Her ex-bestfriend, Harry, is the most popular kid in school. Rachel has about five or six friends, when Harry has about ninety. Rachel gets bullied alot, but nobody does anything to helpher. But one day, Harry leaves to audition for the X Factor, and it gets worse. When harry comes back, what will happen?

Oh and by the way, when I make a cover it doesn't save, so that's why there isn't one..


1. The Hell Hole Called My Life





        I walked into school, preparing myself for everything that might happen today. I walked to my locker, with my head down. I can hear the whispers and people laughing around me. I put in my combination, and opened my locker. I grabbed my books and went off to my first class. Geometry. I walked in and sat in my usual seat, in the back of the class. The bell rang and everyone walked in. One person caught my eye. Harry. My ex-bestfriend. He made my life a living hell. The teacher started talking, but I had a hard time paying attention. I eventually gave up and thought. I thought about why Harry would do this to me. I hate him. I hate everything about him. I looked over and saw that he was looking at me. I gave him a dirty look and looked away. The bell rang and i shot up from my desk and ran out. I got to my locker and opened it, putting my stuff away, and grabbing my other books that I needed. I started to walk to my first class, when I got pushed up to the wall. I looked to see Chloe. The biggest bitch in the school. "Hey Rachel, how's you're dad doing? Oh yeah I forgot, you don't have one."She said, and her other bitches laughed. I tried to get away but I couldn't. Someone cleared their throat behind her, and she let go and turned around. Harry. Ughh. "Hey do you uh. wanna walk to class together?"He asked. "Yeah!"She said kissing him. I slipped away and walked to my next class. I sat down next to my best friend, Liam. "Hey Liam."I said smiling. "Hey!"He said, returning the smile. class started and I turned to face the teacher. "Today we will be learning about electricity!"Mrs. Jones said, recieving groans from the class. "I will need you guys to pair up."She said and everyone jumped up looking for their friends. I turned to Liam, and he turned to me. I smiled. "You will need to do a project about elecricity. It will be due on April 20th."She said. Liam and I started discussing our project, annd Chloe walked up. "Awe. the two nerds pairing up together."She said in a baby voice. I rolled my eyes and started talking to Liam again. The bell rang and we walked out together.We went to lunch and sat at a table with Ava, Emily, Joe, Connor, and Sarah. "Hey guys!"I said smiling, and setting down my tray. I received hi's, and hello's. I smiled. I didn't pay attention to what antone was saying at all. I just wanted the day to end.


    *************************************SKIP SCHOOL****************************************









        I sighed and layed down on my bed. I stared at the ceiling untill someone knocked on my door. "What?"I gra

oaned as the door opened. "Hey Li!"I said as he walked over to my bed. "Umm, I just came over to tell you, that uh, I'm leaving tommorow."He said. "For what?"I asked. "I'm auditioning for the X Factor."He said. I hal smiled. He hugged me and I began to cry. He rubbed my back. "I'm going to miss you."I said sniffling. "I'll miss you too."He said. "Well I have to go."He said. That's when I thought I would never see him again.

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