The Darkest of Times

This is my entry for the One Week at Hogwarts competition.

In 1791, as the rumblings of the muggle revolution penetrates deep into the magical world, Elodie St. Pierre is sent to England to experience life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The school is a far cry from her regular existence at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, but her English mother thinks a break from France, no matter how short, would be for the best.

But at Hogwarts, not everything is as it appears. Rooms come and go, staircases move without warning, and something's hunting the students. Is England really any safer than France?


2. Wednesday, November 2, 1791

Elodie St. Pierre gazed skyward, unable to tear her eyes from the stars glistening overhead. They just hung there, suspended by invisible threads. Her mother had told her about this place, but she’d never imagined it would be quite so lovely in real life.

Someone slammed into her from behind, sending her sprawling across the stone floor.

The boy stopped. He turned his frustrated green gaze on her, but didn’t offer any help as she picked herself off the floor. “Why in the world would you stop in the doorway?”

“I’m very sorry.” The English words felt odd on her lips, but Elodie wished she could summon some indignation to her tone. He was the one who’d hit her, after all. “I’ve just never seen it before.”

“What? The sky?”

“No, the entire thing,” she said. “It’s beautiful.”

Her mother's stories had etched the castle into her mind long before she'd laid eyes on it. The great hall was splendid; there was no other word for it. From the thousands of candles floating above the students’ heads to the golden plates that lined the tables. The entire thing was amazing; the bewitched ceiling was just the icing on the cauldron cake. 

He glanced around, cocking a dark eyebrow. “If you say so.”

Without waiting for a response he hurried into the hall and took his place at the table on the far left, among the students with red-lined cloaks. 

Elodie scanned the great hall, even though she didn’t know who she was looking for. Her guide was supposed to meet her in the entrance hall, but they’d never arrived and now everyone was seated and ready to eat. She glanced over her shoulder, to ensure the entrance hall was as empty as she thought it was. With the exception of the ghost of a young woman nobody moved. Well, except for the paintings, of course.

Should she just sit down in the nearest free seat? Her powder-blue robes had already drawn the eyes of the students nearby--hardly inconspicuous when the great hall was a sea of grey. What if she sat in the wrong place? To have somebody confront her about it in front of everyone would be mortifying. Her stomach twisted at the thought. 

Elodie twisted her sleeve between her fingers and backed out of the hall. Around the corner, out of sight, she sank onto the bottom step of a grand staircase and pulled her knees to her chin. Even through the layers of her skirts the marble chilled her skin. 

When the evening meal finished she'd try and find somebody who could tell her where she was supposed to be. Without Felix Felicis she would just have to hope luck was on her side tonight. 

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