The Guy Next Door (Niall FanFic)

13 year old horse loving girl named Gigi meets the new guy next door. They had just moved in a couple weeks ago. She thought that the boy was wierd 'cause he's never been near a horse. Soon she trains him and falls in love. The two are in love with each other but don't know how to say it. Another thing is that Gigi has never heard about One Direction 'cause she is country. When she finds out he is famous.. the whole thing she thought about him had changed badly. How will they tell each other? Does Gigi still love Niall? Do they hook-up? Read to find out! :)


1. The Movers

Here I practice racing around the barrels Midnight breathing hard from trynig her best! Then she gets spooked. I turn to see what was going on. Here came this moving truck. About time someone moved into that old house!

She trotted Midnight up to see who the new neighbor was. It was a blonde headed boy with brown roots, tall, skinny-looking, and he had a nice body shape. He actually looked really hot. There he stood looking at the gorgeous house in a red polo shirt and raggedy holey jeans and some converse. I could tell he wasn't country, but let me tell you. He looked so hot and was rocking the outfit. All of a sudden he started walking towards me. I wondered what he was going to say to a loser like me. I just stood there and acted like I was never looking at him. I mad it look as if I were staring off into the most beautiful sunset of Kansas. Maybe it was beautiful 'cause it was glad to see someone new and so was I! 


Chapter two tomorrow! :)

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