8 teenagers visit crystal ice lake but didnt know that there was something else there besides them. Read about what happens to Dustin solomon Marcos Alanis Alan Brittany Calia and Edy.


1. The story

  one day  8 teenagers were driving in a van for summer vacation. "Guys were gonna have to stop to get some gas". Solomon said. they arrived. " does anyone have any money?" Solomon asked. " Really you dont have any money on you?" asked Dustin. then they drive off. "all i hear is you and Brittany kissing Marcos. yelled Dustin. "well why dont you kiss Alanis everyone knows that you to like each other" said Alan " yeaaaa" everyone yells. "Sure we both say". "smoch" "woooooo" everyone yells. "crrrrrrrr" "crap" Caila yelled they all got out and took there stuff.The night becomes stronger as the day becomes weaker "hey look a cabin" Marcos said. so they all went over to see it. Everyone entered besides Marcos and Brittany. 'hey brittany want to go find the bathrooms?" asked Marcos. 'sure" Brittany whispered.

 "Dustin im scared" whispered Alanis. 'Its ok" Dustin whispered. ' what are you trying to do impress her?" asked Solomon. "No" Dustin said "im trying to make her feel safe" Dustin yelled. The floors crackled upstaires like someone was walking. "Alan you find the light switches. Girls you stay down her, me and Solomon are going up stairs" Dustin whispered.

 "Marcos smoch smoch" Brittany said. "BOOM BOOM" the door made. The door opened. "Slice"

"Solomon take this bat" Dustin said. "CRACKLE!"  " WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CABIN!" said the man.

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