8 teenagers visit crystal ice lake but didnt know that there was something else there besides them. Read about what happens to Dustin solomon Marcos Alanis Alan Brittany Calia and Edy.



"AHHHHHHHH!' SCREAMED SOLOMAN. He hit the man with the bat. "um are you still alive?" Dustin whispered. Then all the light turn on. Dustin and Solomon come down to check on everyone. "What was that noise up staires?" asked Caila. "Nothing" They both said.LATER THAT NIGHT! "were are Marcos and Brittany?" asked Dustin "Dont they know its storming out!" Solomon yelled. Every time thunder struck Alanis would curl more into a ball in Dustin`s lap."HA HA HA" CHO CHO CHO" said something outside. "ill do it" Alan yelled. "Do what?" Asked solomon. " well......GO OUT THERE!" SCREAMED ALAN! As Alan walked out "SLICE" off went the head. Something with a mask with a mashady killed Alan! "AHHHHHHHHHH!" they all screamed. Solomon and Calia went out to the back yard. Dustin and Alanis went up staires. The scary man went up staires. Dustin and Alanis ran in to a room and locked the door. " Alanis you have to jump out" Dustin whispered." o...ok" she whispered back. Dustin opened the window Alanis jumped out. "CRACK" went Alanis`s leg. BOOM! BOOM! went the wooden door. BAM! the door fell. "SLICE" went one of Dustin`s fingers. "AHHHHHHHH!" DUSTIN YELLED!. Alanis begain to tear!

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