What Makes You Beautiful *Complete*

*The sequel to "All You Need Is Love".* Rosie and Emily are now living in London, in the same flat complexes as the One Direction boys. Harry and Rosie are still dating. Niall and Emily are also dating. Soon the boys will put out their own songs. But what happens when Rosie gets jealous of all the girls throwing themselves at Harry. And what happens when Harry gets a little jealous of boys looking at Rosie.


8. Sketching And Shopping

*Two Days Later*

Nothing has really happen. All we've done is tried to get used to the time difference. There's five days until we start shooting the WMYB music video. I can't wait.

"Hey Rose," Emily says from her spot on her bed.

"Yeah," I say.

"Wanna go swimming?"

"Hell yeah."

*Three Days Later*

Something is actually happening. The boys are doing a photo shoot. I'm sitting back drawing my first sketch in my '1D Sketch Book'. It's of all the boys, realistic, just standing with their arms around each other. I've decided that all the sketches in this book will not be colored.

"Rosie, how do you do that?" Emily asks.

"I'm just skilled," I say.

"Could you teach me?"

"Sure. When we get back to the hotel."

"Okay. You know we're going shopping?"

"Yeah. I found an awesome crafty shop I want to go to it."

"Oh, okay. I can get my own sketch book."

"Yeah, and I can get some more colored pencils and a sketch book carrier."

*Two Hours Later*

Harry's hand in mine; Niall's hand in Emily's hand. We're walking down a walkway full of stores. I'm looking for the craft store.

"Babe, Louis and I are having a party in our room. You wanna come?"

"Yeah, I love parties."

"Harry kisses my cheek, "Okay. Great."

Then I see the craft store. "There's the craft store," I point it out. Only a few yards ahead.

Harry swerves us into the store.

*30 Minutes Later*

I'm holding a sketch book carrier and Harry's holding two packages of awesome colored pencils. I am now looking at crayons. After a few seconds, I grab the 64 pack and then Harry and I walk to the check-out. Niall and Emily get in line right behind us. Emily's holding a sketch book and a pack of sketching pencils. I'm going to give her lessons soon. If I remember.

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