What Makes You Beautiful *Complete*

*The sequel to "All You Need Is Love".* Rosie and Emily are now living in London, in the same flat complexes as the One Direction boys. Harry and Rosie are still dating. Niall and Emily are also dating. Soon the boys will put out their own songs. But what happens when Rosie gets jealous of all the girls throwing themselves at Harry. And what happens when Harry gets a little jealous of boys looking at Rosie.


26. Rosie's Birthday-The Main Party

*Later That Day*

"Happy Birthday!" everyone yells. We're at Emily and mine's flat, and by everyone; I mean everyone that's close to me. Besides my family. I'm holding Baby Lux while sitting at the breakfast bar. She is the cutest thing. Her parents have been talking to Uncle Simon. He gave me a bonus check for my birthday.

"Thanks guys," I say.

"Blow out your candles. And don't forget to make a wish," Lou tells me with a smile.

I smile, and then blow out my candles. With a little unexpected help from Lux.

"What did you wish for?" Emily asks.

"If I told you, it won't come true."

She frowns, "Oh yeah."

"But I'll tell you anyway. I didn't wish for anything. All my dreams have already come true."

"Awww," everyone says.

Then the next thing I know, everyone's around me. I'm in a big group hug. Holding Lux away from me so she doesn't get crushed. Eventually the hug ends and everyone goes back to talking.

I bounce Lux on my leg. She's giggling away. Harry's looking at us from across the room. Louis is talking to him. "Hey Lux," I whisper. "You see that boy over there?"

She giggles, but looks over at Harry.

"I'm in love with him. And you are too. He's your favorite, and mine too. Looks like we'll have to share him," I look down at her.

She giggles and wiggles in my hold.

"You two are cute," Harry's voice fills my ears. I look up and he's standing look down on us.

"Why are you over here? I thought you were talking to Lou."

"I was, but I couldn't take my eyes off you. So he sent me over to you."

"My Lou."

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