What Makes You Beautiful *Complete*

*The sequel to "All You Need Is Love".* Rosie and Emily are now living in London, in the same flat complexes as the One Direction boys. Harry and Rosie are still dating. Niall and Emily are also dating. Soon the boys will put out their own songs. But what happens when Rosie gets jealous of all the girls throwing themselves at Harry. And what happens when Harry gets a little jealous of boys looking at Rosie.


42. Harry's Jealous

"Haz, were you jealous?"

"No, I just don't like seeing you with some random dude."

"Babe, we were just talking."

He sighs; closing his eyes, "Sorry."

Quickly I grab the piece of paper Rory left. "It's okay," I say while stuffing the piece of paper into my glove.

Harry opens his eyes, "Really."

"Don't let it happen again. Got it?"

"I won't."


He leans over and kisses me. "I love you, babe."

"I love you too, Hazza."

*Later That Night*

Everyone is outside waiting for taxis. Both Harry and I had a little too much to drink. "Baby," Harry barely slurs. "When we get home, I'll fill up Snow's bowls. You get bed ready," he winks.

I feel my face heat up and a smile spreads across my face. "Sure thing, Hun," I slur.


Finally taxis pull up and Harry and I hop in one. Harry tells the man where to go, and then we're off. Minutes later we arrive home. Harry pays the driver. Then Harry and I get out of the taxi and walk up the walkway into our house.

"I'll be waiting," I tease before walking away. I walk straight to our room; then to our closet. There I change into one of Harry's sweatshirts. His purple 'Jack Wills' one that no longer fits him to be exact. Then I climb into bed.

Harry comes in about five minutes later, and just strips down to nothing. Right before climbing into bed with me. "Babe, I love you so much."

"I love you more," I counter.

"To the moon and back."

"Any day. Every day."

"Have a good sleep, baby."

"I will, since you right next to me." I snuggle up into him. "Night Haz."

Harry kisses my cheek; then we fall asleep.

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