What Makes You Beautiful *Complete*

*The sequel to "All You Need Is Love".* Rosie and Emily are now living in London, in the same flat complexes as the One Direction boys. Harry and Rosie are still dating. Niall and Emily are also dating. Soon the boys will put out their own songs. But what happens when Rosie gets jealous of all the girls throwing themselves at Harry. And what happens when Harry gets a little jealous of boys looking at Rosie.


45. Chatting

*November 9th*

The boys and they're girlfriends are all over at Louis' house. I came over early to help Lou with the food. Now I'm watching TV in the living room. Emily's sitting next to me; also watching TV. Well, both of us are watching Tv and sketching. The multitaskers we are.

The reason ever everyone's over here is because the Take Me Home album will be released today, but not for a few hours.

"Can you believe they're releasing their second album?" Emily asks.

"Not really. It's amazing how far they've come in only two years. I'm so proud of them."

"They're hard working boys and I can't wait for the tour."

"Neither can I."

"Are you bringing Snowflake?"

"Of course. I can't leave my baby home while I travel the world."

"True. Did you know Niall wants a fish?"

"What kind?"

"Not sure. But a fish? I said I want a hamster. We're going to decide after the tour next year."

"I say get both."

"That's a good idea. Thanks."

"You're welcome."

It gets quiet for a few minutes. That is, until Harry walks in. "Hey babe," Harry says.

"Yeah," I look up and see him standing in front of me.

"I wanted to give you this," he holds out a bracelet. A bracelet I see him wear all the time.

"But that's yours."

"I know. When people see you wearing it, they'll know your mine."

I take it and put it on my wrist, "Whatever you say, babe."

He smiles, "Well, I'll leave you two to your sketching." And he walks away.

"Haz really loves you," Emily says.

"I know. Niall loves you a lot, too. You know?"

"How would you know that?"

"Hun, I have my ways."


"And Harry."

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