What Makes You Beautiful *Complete*

*The sequel to "All You Need Is Love".* Rosie and Emily are now living in London, in the same flat complexes as the One Direction boys. Harry and Rosie are still dating. Niall and Emily are also dating. Soon the boys will put out their own songs. But what happens when Rosie gets jealous of all the girls throwing themselves at Harry. And what happens when Harry gets a little jealous of boys looking at Rosie.


34. Are We Getting A Puppy?

*A Few Weeks Later*

Harry and I are waiting for Lou, so then we can drive into town and go shopping. To pass the time, Harry and I are talking. Somehow it got on the topic of dogs.

"I've always wanted a puppy," I say.

"I'd love to have a cat."

"No, no cats."

"How come?"

"A cat attacked me once, okay. Besides, I want a puppy."

"How about we get a puppy now, and a cat later."

"Sounds good. Wait, so we're getting a puppy? Today?"

"We'll get a puppy. I'm not sure about today."

"Isn't there a shelter in town?"

"Most likely."

I smile, "Can we?"

"Just call Uncle Simon and ask him."

"Okay," I whip out my phone and speed dial Uncle Simon. He picks up after three rings.

"Rosie, what's up?"

"Hi Uncle Simon. I have a question."

"Ask away."

"I was wondering if Harry and could get a dog."

"Sounds like a great idea."

"Really?" A smile spreads across my face.

"Yeah. I'll make sure you have enough money in your bank account so you can spoil the pup."

"Oh, thank you so much Uncle Simon."

"You're welcome Simon."

"Not just this. Thank you for everything. You've my life such an adventure. I owe it all to you."

"You are very welcome."

"Um, okay. Well, talk to you later."

"Oh, tell the boys I say 'hi',"

"I will. Bye."


Then I hang up. "Guess what Haz."

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