Secrets and Lies

Aubrie is your almost average teen shes 17 has light blonde hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Only there's one thing she can read minds.Also her best friend Gracie is one directions stylist and now shes going on tour with them. Will she be able to trust them and keep her secret. BTW this is a romance with Niall and Harry.


11. the start

Gracie's POV

Man why did we leave the two prank masters awake! El,Dani,Perri,Harry,and I cleaned up and got dressed. I walked down stairs with my suitcase today was the start of the tour!I walked on to the bus there was two little rooms each with five bunks one for us and one for the boys.I herd laughing so i walked out to see what was going on Aubrie and the boys where laying on the ground and Irish was running around them licking there faces. after everyone was on the bus started moving we decided to get to know each other better.The boys where being really annoying so i looked at Aubrie to shut them up shes good with boys cause she has three younger brothers(not lying i really do.-Aubrie) "If you don't be quiet you won't be able to play soccer/football for a week." She said her hands on her hips.They where instantly quiet "How did you do that?" El asked "I have three brothers Eli,Jonah,and Beckett." she explains

Harry's POV

That girl scares the shit out of me.

Aubrie's POV

I decide to have some fun i stared at the boys till they looked into my eyes."What are we doing?" Lou asks i grinned it worked! Everyone looks confused.Shit! i didn't relize i rebouted everyone!

**authors note**

Sorry i didn't update yesterday i was sick and i'm sick today =(

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