Secrets and Lies

Aubrie is your almost average teen shes 17 has light blonde hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Only there's one thing she can read minds.Also her best friend Gracie is one directions stylist and now shes going on tour with them. Will she be able to trust them and keep her secret. BTW this is a romance with Niall and Harry.


6. screaming

 Aubrie's POV

I was in the middle of reading when Lou tried to scare me "Hey Lou." "Hey-wait!! How did you know i was here." "Secret." i smirked at him. i put the book down and turned on the radio. "I love this song!" Gracie and i screamed i blared it. "What is this?" Zayn yelled over the music."Cowboy Casanova!" I yelled. The song ended and Baby came on (Sorry belibers) i turned it down all the way. "Hey!" Niall and Gracie yelled "Sorry i don't want my ears to bleed." i teased. (again really sorry. I just don't like him) My phone buzzed i looked down. i screamed and started bouncing in my seat,then stop to think then frown."What is it love?" Liam asked me. "i was accepted to a dance school." "So your leaving us?" Niall asked me sounding sad. "I don't know." ***sorry its short i'll make the next one longer.***

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