Secrets and Lies

Aubrie is your almost average teen shes 17 has light blonde hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Only there's one thing she can read minds.Also her best friend Gracie is one directions stylist and now shes going on tour with them. Will she be able to trust them and keep her secret. BTW this is a romance with Niall and Harry.


16. Not Toy Story!!!!!

Niall's pov 

I woke up to someone screaming 'THEIR GONNA KILL HIM!!" i got up and walked into the living eating area Aubrie had her eyes glued to the TV Gracie was sitting on all the pillows i looked at the TV there was some people with their hands up "I can't go back to jail!" a guy with his hands up said then took a knife and cut his neck. Gracie screamed Aubrie hid her face in the couch and i covered my eyes the rest of the lads came running out "Whats wrong?" Liam asked Aubrie replayed it they stood there when it happened Lou screamed Liam gasped Zayn shook his head and Harry touched his neck "SAVE HIM!! HE'S GONNA DIE GIBBS!! HURRY!" she yelled at the TV a guy saved this old dude. Aubrie relaxed and Gracie put the pillows back "Your changing the channel." Gracie told Aubrie. she rolled her eyes but grabbed the remote. Her eyes light up whe she saw a show she stopped on the channel and Toy Story came on. the lads and i moaned but Liam he sat next to Aubrie "Their playing all three movies!" Aubrie said giving Liam a High five. Dani, El, and Perrie came outta the bunks "Not Toy Story!" they complained. Aubrie sighed and looked at the other channels. There was an interview with Taylor Swift and she stopped on it Gracie sat down next to Aubrie. The lads, El, Dani, Perrie, and I  glanced at each other. Ed Sheeran came out with her they performed a song. Gracie was watching it with out any emotion on her face but Aubrie was smiling. When it was done Aubrie pouted "I'll take you to the concert when where in California." Gracie says happily "YAY!!!" Aubrie yelled. Harry went to make pancakes. Aubrie changed it to Toy Story again. We moaned again Liam always picked this movie when he got to pick the movies. I sat down on the other side of Aubrie i kissed her check she layed her head in my lap and put her feet in Liam's "Would if i wanted to sit there?" Lou complained. Aubrie got up Lou sat down and Aubrie sat on his lap then layed down again her head in my lap i played with her hair "PANCAKES!" Harry yelled Lou forgetting Aubrie was laying down stood up Aubrie rolled off the couch with no emotion. She grabbed Lou's leg and made him pull her to the table. we sat down there was syrup, wipped cream, and Strawberrys on the table Lou passed the Strawberrys to Aubrie she scooted back "EWWWWW!!" she yelled we looked at her she ate about as much as i did and not many people dislike Strawberrys. "Niall take tgem she won't even touch them.' Gracie said we all ate and joked around. There was a knock on the door Gracie got up to get it. "AUBRIE!" she screamed. Aubrie came running we all got up to see what was going on. "What do want another beating?" Aubrie snapped to a guy standing outside "No! I came to warn you Jack has gone crazy. He-" the lad was interupted "Has? You mean always has." Aubrie said "Ya whatever. Any way he told me he's coming to get you." he said to Gracie. "What do you mean?" Gracie said "I mean he wants to kidnap or kill you."


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