Secrets and Lies

Aubrie is your almost average teen shes 17 has light blonde hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Only there's one thing she can read minds.Also her best friend Gracie is one directions stylist and now shes going on tour with them. Will she be able to trust them and keep her secret. BTW this is a romance with Niall and Harry.


2. break-ups and mess ups

 Gracie's POV

I storm into the room the rest of the boys are in "what happened?!" I yell. "she got a call and talked for a few minutes then hung up and ran out of here." Liam explains to me. I see her phone on the ground i pick it up and dial the last number that had called her. "Hello?" "What did you do to my best friend!" i yell "i um maybe cheated on her and my other now ex-girlfriend called her." "Jerk." i say than hung up on him."we need to find her now!" i scream at the boys they get up and run to the cars Harry and Niall where with me i drive to the woods the give me weird looks "this is her favorite place to be." i explain then i run into the woods.Harry and Niall are far behind me by the time i stop to catch my breath i look down and see her body with a pool of blood around it. I scream than fall down by her sobbing like crazy.Harry and Niall come running up to me Niall calls 911 and Harry wraps his arms around me talking softly to me he kisses the top of my head and i instently feel sparks.the ampulence comes and takes her. we walk back to the car Niall drives and Harry calls the rest of the boys while i cry and cry and cry

Aubrie's POV

Where am i every things black. I can here people talking around me i listen to there conversaion for a little."Aubrie-sob-can you-sob-here me?" All of a sudden i'm out of the bed annd standing by everyone else i look around wow even the boys are here i wounder what there all looking at. I walk next to Liam and see someone in a hospital bed.......WAIT thats me!! i start floating backwards into the sky. I here a long beep "No!" Gracie and i yell at the same time Niall screams for a doctor."No i want to back!Please let me go back!" i yell then i'm in the bed again. I open my eyes "Aubrie?" i look to see Gracie sitting next to me i smile at her."Hey whats up?" i ask "well you went up for a little." she replies "What?" i ask she takes a deep breath " died."

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