Secrets and Lies

Aubrie is your almost average teen shes 17 has light blonde hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Only there's one thing she can read minds.Also her best friend Gracie is one directions stylist and now shes going on tour with them. Will she be able to trust them and keep her secret. BTW this is a romance with Niall and Harry.


15. Birthday surprise

Sorry peoplez stupid f***n  computer broke down soooo now I'm using my lovely friend Gracie's iPad soooo back to the story 

Gracie's pov 

i woke up to Aubrie yelling how the stoves a f***n bitch. I got out and the boys followed me "What's the matter?" Liam asked "What the hell is wrong with the stove?!?!" She snapped "Oh I shut it off so I could make you birthday breakfast." I said "Bitch." She says we stare at her she only called me a bitch when where joking around never in this tone! "What the hell is your problem!" Harry snapped being protective of me. She looked up from her phone pissed off "Hmm I don't know. The fact that I'm stuck here instead of Fargo!" She said "Wait you'd rather be in Fargo then here?" I yelled she shoved us outta the way dived on the couch and screamed into a pillow. "God I'm so stupid of course you'd do this! Make me sound like the bad guy!" She snapped glaring at me   "Alright what is wrong with you! Gracie booked your brothers to come for your birthday we all got you nice gifts and your acting like a total bitch!" Lou says. "Oh goody my brothers are coming!" She says in a sarcastic tone we all stare at her the last time she acted like this was when I begged for forgiveness when I ditched her and kissed her then boyfriend. Liam quickly grabbed her phone while Lou and Zayn held her back from attacking Liam. "Hannah Meyersn got a free trip to Kentucky after winning a swimming contest. If Famous swimmer Aubrie Heyer she would have won the trip but sadly she's with her friend on a tour with the world wide known band One Direction. Our thoughts our with you Aubrie and family." Liam read out loud "What's so big about going to Kentucky? Where going to stop there on out tour?"   Harry asked. Aubrie closed her eyes "Four years ago on my birthday my uncle was suppose  to come. He didn't we found out that he went missing. He's still missing and I was going to search for him." She said. The boys let go of her and we all tackled her in a bear hug. "GUYS.......CAN'T.......BREATH!" Aubrie screamed we let go of her I kneeled in front of her taking her hands "I swear we'll all look for him when we stop in Kentucky." Gracie says "Slap swear?" She teased "NO!!!" I yelled she started staring at Harry her eyes got big I realized she was reading his mind I waved my hands in front of her face "Guess your trying to figure out how sexy I am." Harry smirked "No I was trying to figure out how ugly someone could be." She sasses back. "You walked into that won mate." Niall said smiling at me.  I laugh at his accent. There was a  knock on the door 

Aubrie's pov 

I opened the door and there stood my three brothers I smiled picked Beckett up then shut the door. "This is my favorite little brother, Beckett." I said "You know where right behind you." Eli says "Ya just telling the truth." I say I put Beckett down he walked over to Eleanor "Your pretty." He said she bent down "Thank you very much and you are very handsome." She says and kisses his check. Lou came up "You trying to steal my girlfriend?" He asked "Yes he is and so far he is winning." El says sticking her tongue out at him. "That's it!" Lou says picking Beckett up he spins him around then starts tickling him. "So who's wins?" Lou asks looking at El "You my little superman." She says kissing him "Ewwwww." Beckett says the brake apart and pull him in. He sits in Els lap while Lou has his arm around her "Lets play truth or dare!" Lou shouts "all right but remember there are children in the room." Liam says I sit next to Niall and El. About half way through Eli and Jonah have to leave and Beckett has to go with them. We say goodbye then decide to go to the beach. When we get there I run straight into the water. They all join even Zayn but he doesn't get in too deep. Lou slings he over his shoulder I scream and hit his back Niall comes and saves me then drops me in the water I notice something shiny by the bottom I swim to it and pull it outta the sand its a locket I opened it and saw a picture of two girls smiling at the camera there was a piece of paper I took it out it read only us can read the mind of others I gasp and water comes into my moth I shove the paper in the locket and swim up for air I gasp for air when I come up. They all look at Niall Lou is smirking at him and he's red I would ask them what's going on but I'm still amazed there's someone like me! Niall swam to me looked at Lou grabbed my face and kissed me I pulled away surprised "Sorry Lou dared me to sense I have a major crush on you sorry!" He says looking down I notice a tear fall in the water "hey why are you crying?" I ask "I'm afraid I just ruined a perfectly good friendship." He says more tears come down his face I wrap my arms around his neck and rested my head on his bare chest "Niall nothing could ruin our friendship you are my best friend and nothing will change that." I say he looks at me he's thinking really "Yes really and who said I didn't like the kiss I just pulled away cause I was surprised." I say he looks at me then says "Then you wouldn't mind if I did this?" He said then pulled me underwater and kissed me. 

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