Changing Jake

Alex visited her grandparents in Patmos every year since the age of four. After five years, she returns, memories of past summers at Patmos filling her with excitement. But when they tell her that Eula, Yaya's old and bestest friend, has asked them to look after her bratty teenage son Jake, Alex is far from pleased. Not only does she have to cart Jake around Patmos, but she's expected to make him from a brat to a decent human being, and from what she's heard, Jake is far from being anyway near nice, let alone intelligent.
But with a boiling hot sun, beautiful surroundings, and Alec's determined attitude to life, can she do it?
This is entering into the Sony award competition so lots of feedback would be great.


4. The jake ache

The next morning I wake up with a headache. And no, it wasn't a hangover. It was a full on damn-why-am-such-an-idiot-I-made-out-with-Jake ache.

Am I even attracted to him? I push back my sheet and pad over to the mirror, considering my scruffy brown hair and dark black circles underneath my eyes. Sure, the guy's hot. But I mean, so's 70% of the population. His attitude also sucks, and I also kinda hate him.

So why did I kiss him?

I pull on a loose yellow summer dress and drag through my hair with my fingertips, tiptoeing downstairs and into the kitchen. Putting the kettle on boil I open the window and breathe in some fresh greek air, letting the wind fan my hot face.
When my coffee's ready I open the porch doors and step down onto the chair, looking out over the bay. And what was that water doing there? As long as I've known Patmos it does not have a secret lake hidden beyond the tree's. I'd have to explore it today.

There's a creak behind me and I jump, turning round to see Jake trying to tiptoe into the kitchen without making a noise. His face flushes and for a moment I think he's going to smile, but then his eyes harden and he disappears behind the door. 

I feel my skin tingle as I remember our kiss, my hands in his hair and his arms around my waist. What a douche. Yet what a good kisse-
Stop it, Alex!

There was only one way to move past this, and that was to talk to him.

'Jake?' I stop at the doorway, both hands on the doorframe. 'Look, I think we need to talk-'

'About what?' He turns around, not meeting my eye. His black hair's ruffled in a sort of pre-sleep way and he's wearing a Batman pajama T-shirt.

'About last night.' I'm not one to beat around the bush, and I could already tell that I was going to regret this more then I could think of in the heat of the moment.

'What about last night?' He bangs his cup down noisily on the table, and I stare at him.

'You know what, Jake? Forget it.' And I turn away and walk out, not before calling over my shoulder; 'Tell yaya I'm going down to the bay.'

As I walk I fume, racing down the cliff towards the gate at the bottom so my hair flies out behind me. The sea is a blue blur beneath my feet, and I realise that if I don't stop now I'll smash into the stone wall at the end of the path. Trying to skid to a halt, I fail, only succeeding to propel myself even more. 'I'm going to die.' I'm just closing my eyes to brace the smack of impact; and I'm halted, a strong arm wrapped around my waist.

I open my eyes and turn around, my heart racing. It's a boy with short blond hair and blue peri-winkle eyes, that are right now looking at me with great concern. What is it with people saving me from near death experiences?

'Oh damn it!' I groan, twisting away from his grasp and banging open the gate. 'Why am I such a-'

'Are you alright?' The boy is jogging to catch up to me as I march down the hill towards the beach, wincing every now and then as the soft underside of my foot steps on something sharp.

'Well, actually-' I pause and the boy says; 'John.'

'Well actually, John, its not. So, my grandma decided to make me babysitter over some stupid bratty little kid-'

'You don't like kids?'

'No, I mean, well, I happened to kiss this kid-I mean, he's my age and everything-' I put in quickly at his face quickly turns from amiable curiositity to horror, 'And then he just acts like nothings happened.'

'Ah.' We've reached the end of the path and I climb over the wall and onto the scorching sand. 'OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!' I yell, hopping from one foot to the other. 'THIS IS NOT HAPPENING, THIS IS-'

'Hang on in there.' Suddenly I'm being lifted up of the ground and into-Johns? arms, and he's running down the beach towards the sea, and we both look like mad people because he's screaming and shouting and cursing and I'm hollering at the top of my voice and then were in the water and the burnings gone.

'Whats your name, by the way?' John splashes over to me and pulls me closer. 'I'm Alex.' I point to the house at the top of the hill. 'I live with my yaya.'

'I'm John. I live with my grandad. I'm from California originally but I moved when I was really young. And did you ever notice that this sea is more silver then blue?'

I look down. 'Yes, I see what your saying. I need a favour though.' I put both hands on his shoulders and look him straight in the eye.

'I have a lot of emotionally pent up anger right now and I just really, really need to kiss you. Is that okay, John?'

He nods, and puts his arms around my waist, and then he moves his head towards me and I can feel his lips on mine, and I imagine Jake's face and I take his face in my hands and kiss him more passionatley and I can feel his mouth smiling and I think, maybe, I've made a friend here.


'So, my mum died when she was giving birth to me and my dad left when I was like seven but only after packing me of on a plane to the airport where mum's dad was waiting. I remember he just looked past me and said 'Where's your dad?' and I said 'He told me he was just taking a break.' And when he looked back at me he had this anger in his eyes, the kind of anger where you think he might just kill someone. Then he just took my hand and said; 'Well, we'll have our own break kid.' And thats it. I live with him and I have a better life then I would of had if i'd stayed with that asshole.'

I nod, rolling over and kissing him on the cheek. 'My parents divorced last year. It sucked. It still sucks.'

'Your so beautiful.' He cradles my hand. 'Do you think you'll want to see me again after today?'

I look at him, at his crinkly blue eyes and soft face. 'Well, John, I just want to say that you've made me feel alot better. And if our stars do cross then yes I would very much like to kiss you every now and then.'

'You like this Jake then?' He rests his head on my shoulder, and I press my hand against his chest. 'I dont know. Do you think I do?'

He thinks about it for a moment. 'I'd have to see him first. Can you show me him?'



'This is our porch. Yaya and Bapi are out today.' He sits down on one of the sun loungers and I sit across him, enjoying the warmth of the sun on our legs. He kisses me again, and this time I run my hand beneath his shirt and trace the firm lines of his chest, slightly sticky from the sea salt. He puts his hands around my waist and under my dress so his fingertips tickle my back, and I realise he's doing the back stroke  I told him about when we were talking about things we loved.

'Alex?' I jump and leap up of John's lap, feeling my face heaten.

Jake is standing by the door, mouth open, staring at me then staring at John who is looking as if he wants to curl up and die in a hole.

'Jake-' For once, I'm spechless.

'So this is one of your selection of experiments.' Jake raises an eyebrow, his mouth bitter. 'I see.'

'This is John, actually.' I point to John who smiles and raises a hand. Thing is about John is unlike most guys who've just been called an experiment, he doesn't retaliate.

'Well it looks like my babysitters a slut, then.'

As for me, the same rule doesn't reply.

'Your an idiot.' I slap him so hard I hear the click of his neck as his head swings back. 'And if I hear you call me that, or any girl that, ever, again? Then I don't care what yaya says, your going. Oh wait, yaya will probably agree with me, so, scratch that. Your going if you say it anyway.'

I offer John my hand and he stands up, putting an arm around my waist.

'I think you like him.'


Hmm, that was unexpected...

So it looks like Alex has found a friend, or

is it something more?

And will she and Jake ever again make up?

Or make out?

Lei xx




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