Changing Jake

Alex visited her grandparents in Patmos every year since the age of four. After five years, she returns, memories of past summers at Patmos filling her with excitement. But when they tell her that Eula, Yaya's old and bestest friend, has asked them to look after her bratty teenage son Jake, Alex is far from pleased. Not only does she have to cart Jake around Patmos, but she's expected to make him from a brat to a decent human being, and from what she's heard, Jake is far from being anyway near nice, let alone intelligent.
But with a boiling hot sun, beautiful surroundings, and Alec's determined attitude to life, can she do it?
This is entering into the Sony award competition so lots of feedback would be great.


2. Meeting Jake


The port at this time of day was  filled with people, and I feel my nerves jump as I straighten out my cotton kaki's and wipe sweat of my forehead. The ship Jake is arriving on docks in five minutes and I have a feeling he won't like having to ride the donkey's, Tera and Tepi. That would ruin his street cred, right?, having to ride up long bumpy roads on a scuffy grey donkey with half chewed ears, a white haired old man who rarely wears shirts and likes to show of his large expanse of curly black chest hair, and a girl who has sweat dripping of the end of her nose.

The sound of a foghorn brings me to attention as a large white ship veers around the corner, it's engine loud and gravelly. A ramp comes down, and at once a large crowd of tourists swarm towards the harbour, dragging suitcases behind them.

'I'm going to burn right up in this-'

'Regardez ces ânes!'

'I feel sea sick...'

A large group of tanned girls wearing blue and white T-shirts hop gingerly of the ramp and begin to snap photo's with their cameras, giggling and talking in strong canadian accents. An old man pushing his wife in a wheelchair follows, then a little girl clasping her dad's hand with a teddy tucked under her arm, and just as I'm beginning to wonder where Jake is, a boy with untidy black hair and a duffel bag slung over one shoulder appears from the doors, his hands stuffed in his pockets and his eyes trained on the floor.

'Jake!' I wave, my hair bouncing limply on my shoulders. He looks up, and I can see he has headphones stuffed in his ears.

'I'm Alex.' I stick out my hand for him to shake, taking in the dark circles underneath his eyes and sullen mouth. 

'Your my babysitter?' He ignores my hand, looking past me to where Bapi's standing with the donkeys. 'Great.'

I bite back my sharp remark and beckon to him to follow, climbing up the stone steps and sending Bapi a murderous look.

'You don't want me to ride these things?' He stops, pulling his headphones out of his ears and backing away from Tepi as if he held some kind of rare disease. 'Where's your place? I'll walk.'

I turn around, pointing to the hills high above us where you can see the small cluster of white houses, the sun lighting up the tree's around them in a green hue. 'Oh, it's a short walk. A few miles or so.'

That got him.

'Well isn't this just the best thing that could happen after stepping of a 11 hour shi-'

I feel my temper rise, and pull him away from Bapi and behind a post. 'Look, Jake. You either  co-operate and act like you've never had a better time in your life, or you make yourself a problem. And trust me, if theres a problem, Bapi and Yaya will try and solve it. They'll be on you like a hound to a bone. So I suggest you sit your arse on Tepi and be the best guest anyone could ask for, instead of a pain in my-'

'Alex!' Bapi has crept up behind me, and lays a firm hand on my shoulder. 'Why don't you leave me and Jake to ride now.'

Jake groans indignantly, dropping his bag and slumping down on one of the steps. 'Why does Alex not have to ride on a donkey?'

I look down at him in disgust. I don't care what Yaya wants, I'm not spending the rest of the summer, with this whiny, spoilt, brat.



Hey so I know I haven't updated this in what, 6 months? But its so cool you guys like it and I have a few tricks up my sleeve with this one so stick with me.

Lei xx

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