Changing Jake

Alex visited her grandparents in Patmos every year since the age of four. After five years, she returns, memories of past summers at Patmos filling her with excitement. But when they tell her that Eula, Yaya's old and bestest friend, has asked them to look after her bratty teenage son Jake, Alex is far from pleased. Not only does she have to cart Jake around Patmos, but she's expected to make him from a brat to a decent human being, and from what she's heard, Jake is far from being anyway near nice, let alone intelligent.
But with a boiling hot sun, beautiful surroundings, and Alec's determined attitude to life, can she do it?
This is entering into the Sony award competition so lots of feedback would be great.


3. A mistake with Jake


'Alex! Where have you been?' Yaya comes out onto the porch, her hair tied up with a yellow spotted hankerchief and an apron knotted around her waist. 'Jake and Bapi arrived half a clock ago!'

I smile. 'Half an hour ago, yaya. And I preferred to walk.' I didn't add that I preferred to walk without the company of Jake.

'Well come on in and have lunch with us, tutu. This Jake, he is very-' she pauses, her brow furrowing as she searches for the right words. 'Very quiet, no?'

'Insolent, you mean,' I mutter under my breath, thinking of his refusal to get on Tepi's back.

'Insulator?'  she is looking at me, her dark eyes bright like she's laughing, although her mouth doesn't even twitch.

'Don't worry, yaya.' I walk past her and into the corridor, which smells like spicy rice and butternut squash. On the walk up I decided a few things. I wasn't, under any circumstances, going to let Jake boss my own grandparents around as if they were his own servants. And, I'm not going to let him ruin my holiday. 

'Bapi.' I walk into the kitchen and bend down to kiss him on the head, ignoring Jake's glare lasering into the back of my head. 'How was the ride up?'

Bapi grunts, glancing at Jake. 'The boy was-a little rusty. But you will soon learn, Jackson.' He smiles at Jake, who slams down his fork on the table.

'Listen here, Bapi. I'm not learning anything. I'm not planning on staying here long enough to learn anything. And I'm  definiteley not staying long enough to get better at it.' He pushes out his chair and storms past Yaya, slipping out the front door.

'That little shi-'

'Tutu.' Yaya says sharply. Bapi sighs.

'Go after him, Alec. It's getting dark and he doesn't know his way around here.' He looks at me imploringly, and I grimace. 

'Fine, but I expect a pile of rice as big as the himalayas on my plate when I get back.'

'What are him-oh-lay-' 

'Oh, forget it.'


Outside the sun has gone behind the mountains, and I cross my arms to fend off the cold. The moon is a silver sliver in the sky.

'Jake?' I try and keep my irritation at bay but a gust of wind blows my hair across my face, and a hot pulse of anger floods through me. 

'Jake, I'd appreciate if you would come out now. I'm cold, and hungry.' I peer over at the porch, but he's no-where to be seen. 

There's a rustle, and I whirl around.

'Jake? Is that you?' I peer through the tree's, shivering slightly. There's always been something eery about the glade at night.

'Alright, you leave me no choice. I'm coming in.' Glancing down at my bare toes, I sigh, ducking under a trailing branch. The path ahead is lit by moonlight.

'Ouch!' I wince, curling my toes as something sharp digs into my heel. There's another rustle behind me and I try to scream, but it sticks to my throat. I begin to run.

The tree's begin to widen out and the path get steeper, and I begin to like the feeling of pounding through air, picking up speed bit by bit.  The moon shines brighter over my head, and my eyes catch a glimmer at the end of the path, almost as if-


It all happens at once. My feet are no longer treading on firm ground but are now submerged in icy cold water, and as I try to step back I trip over something long and hard. My weight gives out from beneath me and I'm tipped face first into the lake. 

Through the crack of my eyes I see a greenish light, and I open my mouth to speak but water rushes in and I choke, coughing bubbles. My throat feels like it's closing and I kick, desperately trying to reach the surface-

A hand clasps onto my arm.

I'm being pulled, higher and higher until suddenly I'm in fresh air, coughing and crying and retching, a hand on my back rubbing soothingly against my spine.

'Jake?' I gasp, turning round to see him, dark hair slick against his face, eyes bright with fear and relief. 'What were you doing here? 

He shakes his head, and I see his hands are shaking. 'I needed air.' 

I look at him for a moment, and suddenly I feel my chest constrict. 

'I didn't ask for you to come here. I didn't want you to. In fact, I would of been perfectly happy to just have this holiday to myself, like I always do, like I should of had. Then you come barging in with your rock bands, and no offense but your attitude, it stinks. I've known a few problem kids in my time, but you, your a special one.  I don't know why you feel like you can be as rude to people as you like, but in the end you'll lose so much, Jake, and I won't be there for you when you do-'

'I'm not a problem child.' His dark eyes flash, and for a second I feel almost frightened.

'Oh, you don't think so? What would you call yourself?' 

He stares at me, and I meet his gaze defiantly. 

'What about you.' 

'What about me-' I glare unwaveringly at him, daring him to speak.

'Yeah, what about you. What about you and your own spoilt, stubborn, self-absorbed self-'

'How dar-'

'It's true.' He stands up, and the look he gives me makes goosebumps rise along my arms. 

'And how would you know?' I stand up too, so were both nose to nose, mutual hate coursing between us like electricity.

'You barely gave me a chance-' 

'I gave you one and that's plenty.'

'Maybe that's why your here.'

I stiffen. 'What are you saying-'

'I'm saying it's funny how your parent's pack you off to Greece every year. It's almost as if-'

'Don't.' I feel tears prick in my eyes and turn, walking towards the tree's and then beginning to run, trying fiercely to keep in the sobs that threaten to rack my body. 

'Alex, wait!' He catches up to me, pulling on my sleeve so I have to turn, so close I can feel his breath on my cheeks. 



And then his lips are on mine and his arms snake around my waist, so my back is pressed against the bark of a tree and my hands are in his hair, my clothes dripping drops of water onto his jeans and our kisses becoming more urgent, as if I was finding something I'd never known was there before.

We break apart, breathless, his nose touching the tip of mine. 



Well that was eventful.

I know I'm awful at updating I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Hope you enjoyed :D xx




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