Backfire (1D) -ON HOLD-

'I wish that my life is perfect' I thought. I blew the candles and smiled to my best friend Harry. Oh how I wish my wish came true...
Aria didnt know that her wish would come true. It's July of 2013 Now And She's Living The Perfect Life She Wished For From 2 Years ago. Everything Was Perfect, Ever Since Her Best Friend Harry Left. But could Her Wish Backfire When Harry Comes Back And Doesnt Remember Her Anymore? Could Harry Ruin Her Perfect Life She Wished For? Join Aria and the bumpy ride she rode..


1. The Wish

April 9 2010

Aria's POV

This is it. Today's the day. Im 16. Finally. Im happy Im 16 now, but... there's another thing in my mind. My best friend is leaving in 2 days.. What's gonna happen at school? Who will protect me? What about after school? Who's gonna study with me? Who's gonna cook for me? Who's gonna be there for me? I shook the selfish thoughts out of my head and picked myself up from my bed. 




Harry held the birthday cake that was lit carefully while walking over to me and singing Happy Birthday. "Happy birthday dear Aria..... Happy birthdayyyyy toooo youuuuuuuu." He finished. I clapped my hands. Only me and Harry were celebrating my birthday and we were also celebrating for the day he'll leave x factor. Harry was happy, and I was too, but there's a hint of sadness in me. "Aria!" Harry exclaimed as I left my trance. "Yeah?" "Make a wish" I looked at him and he gave me a toothy grin. 'I wish that my life is perfect' I thought. I blew the candles and smiled to my best friend Harry. Oh how I wish my wish came true...

******* >>

"Haz" I mumbled. "Mhm?" I turned my face to him and he looked me in the eyes. We were both just lying on the bed cuddling, and talking. "You promise not to ever forget me?" He nodded his head. "Of course I wont! How could I ever forget about my wittle awia." He pinched my cheeks and I felt blood rushing to my face. "Im really gonna miss you.." croaked, tears threatening to spill.. "Im gonna miss you too, Aria" he whispered to my hear.  I scooched over to him and hugged him as tight as I could. Harry was gonna spend his last 2 nights here because I told him I had a family emergency. I didnt though, as much as I didnt want to lie to him, I had to. I was selfish because I didnt want to see him leave. I wanted to be there for him, but I know how much it was gonna hurt to see him go. We just stayed like that the whole night and fell asleep.


* April 11 * Harry leaves..

Today was the day.. The day Im gonna lose my best friend.... The day Ive been dreadful to come to.. Harry left early when I was still asleep. He wrote me a note that I know Im gonna keep forever.. 

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