Backfire (1D) -ON HOLD-

'I wish that my life is perfect' I thought. I blew the candles and smiled to my best friend Harry. Oh how I wish my wish came true...
Aria didnt know that her wish would come true. It's July of 2013 Now And She's Living The Perfect Life She Wished For From 2 Years ago. Everything Was Perfect, Ever Since Her Best Friend Harry Left. But could Her Wish Backfire When Harry Comes Back And Doesnt Remember Her Anymore? Could Harry Ruin Her Perfect Life She Wished For? Join Aria and the bumpy ride she rode..


2. The future.. We're skipping.. yes.. lol


Aria's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I smiled to myself knowing Im gonna see my best friend Harry again. He was gonna visit Holmes Chapel for the first time! And I smiled again at the thought of telling him my wish came true! I went to the bathroom and got ready. I had on a shirt that read "KAPOW!" and some black leather jeans. I put my studded boots on and went downstairs. I checked the clock. 12: 05 pm. Harry was coming here at 12: 30. Might as well start walking to his house. Ive watched every single interview Harry had and every episode. He hasnt talked to me in a while since he left, but I know he's just really busy. Whenever I get a text, I would check it as soon as I can excited to see if it was Harry. But my heart sunk because it was never him. I havent talked to Gemma or Anne lately either. They never visit like they used to, I never visit them either so it explains itself. I checked my phone and saw it was 12: 30 already. I was a really slow walker even though their house is only 10 minutes away. I saw a Range Rover park in the Styles' driveway and my eyes immediately grew wide. I flashed a grin that grew from ear to ear. Once Harry got out, I took in his appearance. He looked way better in person. I admit, I have and still do have a crush on Harry, but I never told him. It would ruin our friendship. I ran to his car and threw my arms out at him. He pushed me back and I fell on the ground. "do I know you?" He growled and patted himself. I almost choked at what he said. I sat there heartbroken.. He forgot me.. "W-What do y-you m-mean Haz?" I asked him. "Look, I came here for my family, not fans!" He raged."Harry its me!" I spat. "I DONT KNOW WHO 'ME' IS!" He shouted. I had tears in my eyes, some falling on my pants already.. "You forgot me...." I whispered. "I HATE YOU SO MUCH HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!" I spun on my heels and ran back home. How can he forget me? 

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