Teen-Age Spider-Girl Part 1

Josephina Johnson was an average High School student. She was one of the unnoticed kids with an knack for staying in the shadows. But that's all about to change her Senior Year when she finds herself with unnatural powers like sticking to walls and shooting webs. Can she manage to keep her status as the quiet girl, but get the boy of her dreams to take her to Homecoming, all while battling a chain of bank robberies led by someone she may or may not know? Join Josephina and her friends in their quest to find answers.


12. Shopping for a Dress

“Do you have a dress for Homecoming, yet?” Colleen asked at lunch the next day.

“Hello to you, too,” I said.

“Hi,” she said and looked at me expectantly.

I sighed.  “No, but my mom’s getting off of work early today so we can go shopping.”

“You’d better hurry--Homecoming’s in like a week,” Sammi said as she set her lunch tray down next to us.

“Hi, Sammi,” I said.


“Jo, do you know what color you’re wearing for the dance?”

“Hi, Trish.”

“Hi--you’ll probably do blue, right?”  Blue has been my favorite color forever.

“Yeah, probably,” I told her.

“Hey, Jo--I heard there was a mysterious black-clad figure that stopped some bank robbers last night!” Tyler said, sitting down.

“Oh, my heck, does nobody say hi anymore?”

As if to answer my question, Kyle walked up with his lunch and said, “So, how’d it go yesterday?  I wanna hear all the details!”

“Guess not,” Tyler said.

I sighed and told them the whole story.  From the adrenaline rush, to the van, to the bullets, to the missing man, and finally about lying to my mom.  “I really don’t like lying to her.  I’ve always told her everything.”

“Well, you can’t tell her about this,” Sammi said.

“Why is that, exactly?” I asked her.  I really hadn’t thought about it before, it just seemed like the thing I should do.

“Because she’d freak out too much.  She worries about you a lot.”

“Yeah, I know.”
“That, and she’s probably safer not knowing,” said Trish, who was staring off into space.

The bell rang.  We were all uncharacteristically quiet as we parted ways to go to class.

Directly after school, I met my mom at home and we drove to the mall.  We looked at lots of dresses and I tried several on.  There was one particular dress that I really liked.  It was blue, sparkly, and modest on the top.  However, it was a little too short for my taste.  My mom said we could just buy two of them since it was on clearance and use the extra fabric to make the skirt longer.  I liked that idea, except, “When are either of us gonna have time for that?” I asked.  “You’ve got work, I’ve got school…” and crime fighting, I thought.

“Grandma’s coming down this weekend--she can probably help.”

“Grandma’s coming?”  She nodded.  “Yay!  I love it when she comes!  I can’t wait to see her.”

We bought the dresses.  By that time, it was almost five o’clock.  We hurried to go look at shoes.  Around six, we walked out of the mall with a whole new outfit--dress, shoes, handbag, accessories, and all.  I was so excited to look like a princess on the night of the dance.

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