Teen-Age Spider-Girl Part 1

Josephina Johnson was an average High School student. She was one of the unnoticed kids with an knack for staying in the shadows. But that's all about to change her Senior Year when she finds herself with unnatural powers like sticking to walls and shooting webs. Can she manage to keep her status as the quiet girl, but get the boy of her dreams to take her to Homecoming, all while battling a chain of bank robberies led by someone she may or may not know? Join Josephina and her friends in their quest to find answers.


2. Intro.

It was the end of August--Senior year had just begun.  Things were going pretty well.  I had a couple of AP classes, my five best friends, and we were still a part of the “in-” crowd (“in-” being short for “invisible”).  Yep, just another average school year.  And I’m what you might call “your average Jo”.

My name is Josephina, but everybody calls me Jo.  Besides, I found out early on that it’s much simpler and faster to write “Jo” on my school papers than to write out “Josephina” all the time.  So, here’s me:  average height, average weight, natural dark blonde, hazel eyes, oval face.  I’m just average.  Oh, and I HATE spiders!  I wouldn’t say it’s a phobia, but I just don’t like them.  Anyway, I’m just average.  Or, at least, I was…


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