Teen-Age Spider-Girl Part 1

Josephina Johnson was an average High School student. She was one of the unnoticed kids with an knack for staying in the shadows. But that's all about to change her Senior Year when she finds herself with unnatural powers like sticking to walls and shooting webs. Can she manage to keep her status as the quiet girl, but get the boy of her dreams to take her to Homecoming, all while battling a chain of bank robberies led by someone she may or may not know? Join Josephina and her friends in their quest to find answers.


18. Grandma's Safe

“A fire?  At Grandma’s?”  I tried to sound surprised.  Apparently I was convincing enough.

“Yes,” my mother said.

“Is she okay?” I asked, as if I didn’t already know.

“I don’t know,” she said.  I had seen concern on my mom’s face, but now her eyes were filled with pure worry.

Oh!  I hated deceiving her!  I almost told her everything.  Right then and there.  But, “I have a feeling she’ll be fine” was all I managed.

“I certainly hope so,” she said and gave me a hug.  She left me to help a couple of new patients--victims of smoke inhalation.  I recognized them as the couple I saved from the fire.

As I sat in the hospital waiting room, I texted my friends at school.  I let them know what I was doing and that I wouldn’t be at school.

Trish texted, “Is ur g-ma ok?”

“Ya, but my mom doesn’t know that yet.”

The news was playing on the waiting room television set.  They showed scenes of smoke and flames being watered down by big red fire engines.  Suddenly, an image of me holding the woman and jumping out of the fifth story window flashed on the screen.  I asked Tessa (the secretary) if she could turn up the volume.  As the sound on the TV got louder, I heard a reporter interviewing one of the firemen about--well, me.

“I asked him who he was an’ he just said, ‘Someone who can help.  That’s all that matters,’ an’ then he disappeared back into the burning building.”

“How do you feel about him sort of doing your job?”

The fireman smiled.  “Well I don’t know about him taking our jobs.  Our job is to help people and it’s all volunteer.  We just had a little extra help today.  He saved three people we missed and, to use his words, ‘that’s all that matters’.”

“Thank you,” the reporter said, turning away from the fireman.  “Well, police are saying he’s a criminal connected to the chain of bank robberies, but after the events of this morning, many are calling him a hero.  Now Jessie back to you.”

“Thank you, Claire.  You know, I’ve heard some rumors that our ‘Spider-Man’ is actually a Spider-Woman.”


“Yes.  Of course there’s no way to prove it--there’s no concrete evidence--but that’s what I’ve been told.”

“Interesting.  You know that might change a lot of people’s view of the situation.--”

Just then, my mom came back into the waiting room.

“Mom, Grandma’s okay.  They showed the fire on the news and I saw her safe behind the police tape.”  That wasn’t a total lie.  The fire was on the news, but that wasn’t where I’d seen my Grandmother.

But my mom let out a sigh of relief.  “Oh, good.  Thank Heaven.  Are you alright?”

My heart stopped.  “Yeah, w-why wouldn’t I be?”  Did she know something?

“Well I haven’t been--with this stress.”

I exhaled.  “Mom, I’m fine.  Grandma’s safe.”

She nodded her head and breathed deeply, then gave me a hug.

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