Save Harry Tonight

*Loooouis, Louis gonna save Harry, gonna save Harry toniiiiight*
This is a short Larry story, and my first fanfict. I'm latina so sorry if the gramatic and stuff isn't the best.
The story is finished! I know it's a weird story, but well, it's my first one. After this one I will make some others with more drama, this one was kind of a comedy that I thought about 4:00 at the morning. I hope you laughed or unless smiled a little.
Maybe you just soot there with a wtf face.
I hope you liked, anyway.


2. The power of love

I woke up in a hospital, while Simon and the guys were looking at me. I was going to ask what happend, but then I remembered that Eleanor just took away Harry from me and I started to cry really hard.

"Oh, c'mon, Lou, don't cry", said Niall.

"Yeah, everything it's gonna be fine", said Zayn.

"W-what are you talking about? Elanor just kidnaped Harry!"

"Oh, hell yes, and we have to do something about it soon", said Simon.

"Something like what???"

"I don't know, like rescue him", said Liam in a sarcastic way, "oh, sorry, was I too rude?"

I ignored the last thing and said: "Yeah, you're righ! Eleanor won't ever win this one!"

Before someone could say that, the TV of the hospital turned on and the awaful face of my girlfriend showed up.

"Hey, Lou", she said like nobody else was there.

"Hey, Eleaugly"


"I know, terrible joke"


"Whatever! What do you want, you fuckin bitch?"

"I want you"

"No freakin' way"

"Then I will give Harry a slow and painful death!"

"Oh, you will not!"

"Oh, yeah? And how do you plain to stop me?"

"I don't have a fucking idea, but I love Harry and nothing can change that!"



"Who said that?"

"I don't know, man"; I said, "but I feel... different... oh... WOW!"

Some kind of power made me shake and suddently I felt incredible powerful.

"SOMEBODY NEEDS HELP!" I screamed, "SUPERMAN IS HERE!" (AN: I know you read this with the tone of the video diarys) I took my shirt off and sudently I was wearing a superman shirt, "HOLD ON, HARRY, I'M COMING FOR YA" (AN: If you are a belieber like me, you did think in "so just forget about the world we're young tonight, I'm coming for ya, I'm coming for ya)

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