Save Harry Tonight

*Loooouis, Louis gonna save Harry, gonna save Harry toniiiiight*
This is a short Larry story, and my first fanfict. I'm latina so sorry if the gramatic and stuff isn't the best.
The story is finished! I know it's a weird story, but well, it's my first one. After this one I will make some others with more drama, this one was kind of a comedy that I thought about 4:00 at the morning. I hope you laughed or unless smiled a little.
Maybe you just soot there with a wtf face.
I hope you liked, anyway.


3. Lou!

"Lou, where are you going!"

"To save Harry!"
"B-but where?"

"I don't know man!"

"Lou, wait!"

"It's ok, Liam, he knows what he is doing"

"I'm not pretty sure of that"


"I will stop you, Eleanor!"

Louis climbed tower like Spiderman, feeling still incredible powerful. But then Eleanor started to throw him things, lamborginis, rabious cats, wind...

"That's not going to stop me, El", he said, coughing because of the wind and dirt.

When he was on the top of the tower, he tried to get in throw the trap, but when he was almost in he relaise his butt was to big.


SuperLouis jumped to the floor again and tried to get in by the door.

"LOU!", it was Harry who called him. He was such happy, smiling like never, traped into a cage, with milk and cat ears.

"Harry! What did she...?"

"Nothing, they're fake"


"Louis, we see us again"

This time was Eleanor, dressed with her awful drees and witch hat. Louis, with that weird smile, put his Harry Potter's glasses and wand, and then he started to fight with her. After a few minutes, he screamed:


"What a..."

Sudently, Eleanor flew throught the air to a well of carrots.


"Sorry, El"

With a smile upon his face, Louis opened Harry's cage, who after he was free he cuddle him and kissed him.

"I love you, Boo"

"I love you too, Haz"



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