Save Harry Tonight

*Loooouis, Louis gonna save Harry, gonna save Harry toniiiiight*
This is a short Larry story, and my first fanfict. I'm latina so sorry if the gramatic and stuff isn't the best.
The story is finished! I know it's a weird story, but well, it's my first one. After this one I will make some others with more drama, this one was kind of a comedy that I thought about 4:00 at the morning. I hope you laughed or unless smiled a little.
Maybe you just soot there with a wtf face.
I hope you liked, anyway.


1. Eleanor, with E of evil witch

P.O.V Louis (AN: I don't really know what this means, but I'm gessing it means that Louis is telling the story)

We were on our concert, singing They don't know about us, a song that Harry and I wrote for us, and add "girl" cause if we didn't it will be too obvious that we wrote it. I mean, Simon thinks that if the press find outs what going on between us One Direction will lost a lot of fans. So here we are.

I looked at Harry during the song, and he did while he didn't sing, maybe trying to make de public believe that we was singing to them. I did the same on my solo, and I could feel Harry's eyes looking at me. Suddently, he push me for fun and I tried not to laugh, but I did smile.

When the song was finally over and everyone started to clap... that's when she came up.


I felt her before whe was really there, and I knew she hated Harry and she was obsessed with the idea of me being hers, but I was dating her just to make the public think "Larry Stylinson" wasn't real.  

I froze and look back, where Harry was, and I saw in his eyes that he felt her two. Then, a smoke made everyone blind and I tried to get to Harry, I walked so much that I was sudently outside the smoke.

"Louis!" I hear Harry calling me, he was coughing "Louis, help me!"

I run, trying to fin him. "Harry!, Harry, where are you?!"

"Over here!"

I followed the sound of his voice (AN: I couldn't help thinking in "I know you never love the sound of your voice on tape...". I don't know why I'm telling you this) till I saw him. He was fighting with some kind of black tentacles, who/which pulled him throught the wall.

"Harry! Hold on!" I run to him and take his hand, trying to pulled him with me.

"I can't... resist much longer".

"Yes you can!"

"Lou...", the tone of his voice make me feel sudently lost, "Lou... I lov...", but before he could finish the tentacle plugged his mounth and he dissapear throught the wall.

"NO! HARRY!", I screamed and push the wall like that was going to take him back (AN: Read this with the typical "tan, tan, tan, tan" of the movies). "Harry..." I felt so week, and I fall on my knees... view clouded me and I lost consciousness.

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