Into the Book

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be absorbed into a book? Literally?

Arcadia has no choice when she's yanked into the pages of her favourite novel.


3. The Real Hero

I sigh loudly as I realise that I am no longer in my fantasy world, but instead in my boring, uneventful bedroom. Why did the adventure have to end at that point? Just when I had met a gorgeous boy, who may not be real in this world, but he was definitely real when I felt his hand on my cheek. But then again, I'm thankful that I didn't have to live through the arm pulling. Alex would have eventually pulled the zombie off me, but it's still a relief to know that I didn't have to fight along with him for the next chapter. 


I turn towards my tremendous window to see the early morning glow breaking through the clouds. I was stuck in the book for almost seven hours!




Standing up, I wrap a blanket around my body and shuffle over to the pane of glass. Something has just hit it and I stare left and right before trying to push the handle of the window to open it, but I completely forgot that this window needs a bit of forceful strength to even crack it open a few inches.


"Come on..." I whisper furiously as I push the window with all my strength. "Why won't you just--"


That's when I fall out my window, through the bushes that grow right beneath my window, and land on the ground with a THUMP! Living in a bungalow has it's perks.


I sit up trying to ignore the throbbing pain in my back, and attempting to push the spiky twigs and leaves away from my face, before hearing faint moans from beneath me. I look down in horror to see that I have landed on someone. Struggling to get out of the bush, I rush to apologise, but then a question bubbles to my lips. "What are you doing by my window?"


The figure in the bush begins to make its way out, still groaning in pain. "Trying to collect the newspaper I threw in the wrong direction!" It's a boy, he's a few heads taller than me, which is understandable since I'm the size of an ant, but I can't see his face because his back is to me. "It hit your window and landed in the bush, which I was looking in before you randomly fell on top of me!"


"Oh, sorry..." I blush, not really knowing what to say. But then again, what do you say when you fall on someone? Thanks for breaking my fall, I didn't feel a thing.


The boy spins around and I am stunned into silence. He has a deep tan, eyes so blue the sky is envious, and dark chocolate hair that curls lightly at the ends. He doesn't look much older than me. It's Alex. But is it possible? Am I dreaming? I think my brain is working overtime because can not be happening. 


The boy takes a deep breath as he takes me in. I'm wearing pajama bottoms and a vest, with bed hair nestled with twigs and leaves. I must look amazing right now. I don't normally fuss over my appearance, but under his gaze, I can't help but wish that I did something with myself before falling out of a window.


"Don't worry about it. I'm sure people fall out of their windows and land on paperboys at six o'clock in the morning all the time." He smiles brightly, all traces of anger gone. He looks amused at my embarrassed expression and extends a hand. "Good morning, miss. I hope you had a good fall. My name is Adrian, may I take your name?"


I take his hand in a firm grip and can't help but chuckle. "My name is Beth. And yes, my fall was cushioned well, thank you for asking."


He runs his tan fingers through his dark hair and laughs quietly. He reaches over  the bushes with his free hand, that is not holding the ruined newspaper, and takes a look at the handle on my window. "You better get this fixed soon."


"Yeah, I'll call someone later today."

Adrian is silent for a while before turning back to me. "I don't mind coming round later to fix it? Free of charge of course, even though you owe me; cushioning your fall and all." 


"That would be great!" I agree enthusiastically. "Come over around twelve?"


"Sure," He replies, walking over to his abandoned bike on the pavement that I haven't even noticed until now. "See you soon, Beth."


I climb back into my room and take a seat on my bed, staring at the book next to my bed 'The Rescue'. I make up my mind and put the book back on the top shelf of my bookcase where it was yesterday. I don't think I'll be reading that book for a long, long time. I don't need to think about my time in a fantasy land or my brief connection with a fictional character, because I live in this world; in the here and now. And I'm too excited about meeting Adrian later today to worry about zombies kidnapping a princess in a world that doesn't even exist outside of a book. Being absorbed into a book definitely isn't as great as people make it. Reality is sometimes better.

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